How do I join a clan?

A: To join a clan, you must first be level 6+ and have access to the castle. The easiest way to do this is to save up 5000 marks and buy a castle permit from the Trade Shop. Killing the guard is very tough, and bribing him can cost a lot of marks.

In the castle, go to the Clan Hall. Type "Titan" (no quotes) in the box, and hit [enter] on your keyboard. A few things about the clan will be displayed.Click the check box below labeled "Make It So - JOIN" and hit the Petition button, which costs 1000 marks and one quest.

After a few days (at least two), you'll recieve a grant in the Post Office. Select this in your inventory, and hit 'Use'. You'll get a message, and you're now a member of Clan Titan! You will recieve your clan abilities the day after you have used your grant.

Note that if you are already a member of another clan, you'll have to quit it in the Clan Hall before joining another one.
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