What are silvers/silver weapons?

A silver is a weapon that is extremely rare, and much better then their non-silver counterpart.

The difference between a silver weapon and it's regular counterpart is that a silver has exactly two times the base stats of it's non silver counterpart.

For Example: A regular Gladius' base attack is 50a, while a Silver Gladius's base is 100a.

There are two basic categories of silvers. They are:

Minor Silvers

  • Silver Staff (SS)
  • Silver Weird Knife (SWK)
  • Silver Pike (SP)
  • Silver Elf Bow (SEB)
  • Silver Tail Whip (STW)
  • Silver Giant Maul (SGM)

Major Silvers

  • Silver Gladius (SG)
  • Silver Masamune (SM)
  • Silver Amini Club (SAC)
  • Silver Jaguar Fang (SJF)
  • Silver Sea Slips (SSS)
  • Silver Titan Blade (STB)
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Silver Titan Blade are also possible. . . they may have just been from the wheel ... show morewhen it gave silvers, but it is still plausible.
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