How does Titan work? Who runs it?

Clan Titan is one of the oldest clans in Dragon Court, and is the biggest. Established in 1998, Titan still stands strong. We are a non-hacking clan (we do not allow our members to use, posess, or trade with or for hacked goods within the game), and are built on honesty.

Titan is run by a large infrastructure of leaders. We have a Clan-Wide leader who oversees all things in all games. The leader appoints one leader for each game the clan plays (currently Dragon Court, Legend of the Green Dragon and New Age 3). Under each of those leaders are two liutenants who control either sendouts (member services) or public relations. Also under each game leader is a High Council that makes decisions based on the game they play. The High Council votes on any proposals put forth by any of its members, and those votes change the way Titan is run, and the way we serve our members.

Each High Councillor takes care of a single department. These departments for sendouts are things like the Rankfund and Armory. The High Councillors appoint officers to take care of major departmental duties, and assistants to take care of minor ones.

Titan's government is a democratic autocracy. We appoint leaders based on commitment and activity, and those leaders decide how the clan works. We're always happy to allow anyone into the government who wishes to join - we have a lot to do, and need a lot of help.

The specific departments are as follows:

Rare Store Auction House

Public Relations-
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