Trading Post Basics

starting out on the TP

first i recomend practicing these techniques in the titan MP there are several active traders here will be more than willing to assist you and give you advice. now on to the DC: TP


go to the vouch list and make a vouch thread. (open the TP press ctrl + f then type "vouch" it will find the list for you) now this is where your vouchers will go to put up that they trust you. do not i repeat DO NOT vouch for someone unless you can answer yes to the following questions without hesitation.

A) would i send this person my most valuable possession in DC or otherwise with out worrying if i would get it back if needed.

B) would i cover this persons debt should he renig (backout) on a deal that was closed.

if thought is required for the answer to either of these questions then you should not vouch.


yeah i know you might have some nice gear. dont try to go in and buy big stuff right off the bat it wont work trust me i learned the hardway lol.

A) find a as in one silver and sell it or possibly a couple and sell them if you are going to sell something on the TP do not i repeat DO NOT enchant it. UTUR gear is much more valuable than ESed gear. also remember to oil everything to its max any weapon/armor in the game can hold 5 oils and 1 oil is used per reset if you login to your character (queens greater blessing can prevent rust and prevent the loss of oils used on items however it is expensive to do this at first so just oil for now). if you need oils you may request them in the supply forum or if absolutely necessary feel free to send me a dc note with a request for oils and i will see what i can do im sure i can spare a few.


very few people are going to be willing to send first to you its your first trade deal with it i have been working for several months now and i still have to send first on some deals unless its with a friend i have made so send first or find someone who would be willing to middle for you i would offer but i dont want to put myself in that position for several reasons i wont go into now. vertigo3 is a well trusted dc mod and has offered his services to anyone requesting a middle just be sure and use notes for every deal.

alright now congrats you have completed your first trade and you have your name out there keep it up keep going read the TP often even if its a sale you arent interested in at the time learn the values of things. the TP is kinda like the stock market values on various goods rise and fall with the times.

a few more tips...

A) always check the scammer list (use same method as the vouch list above) for updates and current scammers these are people who have either actually scammed in the past or have obviously tried to scam and you should be very careful around if not completely avoided.

B) if you dont know whats going on ask for help in the salamander tavern or here preferably here you will get a fairly quick response from either myself or someone else who has been around the block a few times

C) always oil never enchant (es) if an item is rusted or esed its value drops considerably

D) glow and flame also significatly lower the value of most items do not use these unless you have no intentions of ever trading them

E) when dealing with weapons of the same type (i.e. silver amini clubs) a good rule of thumb is 2x for the next step for example 2x 110 sac = 120 sac.

F) "Clan Bump!" this is not mandatory by any means but is always appreciated. if while you are reading the TP and you see a clanny's post is low i.e. not in the top 15 posts on the TP make a new post in it with the subject Clan Bump! this does 2 things it helps that persons sale get a bit more publicity cause it puts it back at the top of the TP and it also shows clan support and unity which is always handy. It's a dog eat dog world out there guys back each other up.

G) Possibly the most useful tool in the Trading Post, is one of the most important rules in life. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. If you are rude to someone on the trading post, it is very likely that that person, and all of their friends and coworkers will lose respect for you. Respect is a major part of the trading post, and if you lose respect, than you will have a very hard time maintaining a positive and gainful trading career.
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