DC: Traders' Jargon

commonly used trader talk you should know and understand...

UTUR = untouched unrusted

IR = initial rust (these weapons were around before the update and rusted before oils were discovered and are still fairly valuable)

antique, tique or tiq = an item that was enchanted before the update when enchants effected base stats on an item and can now be or have been enchanted again making them quite powerful

nat = natural (was on the weapon/armor when it was found)

es = enchanted generally to the maximum capacity of the weapon unless stated otherwise

blfg = bless, luck, flame, glow respectively

esfs = maximum enchantment with bless, luck, flame and glow

esbl = maximum enchantment with bless, luck

base stats = these are the stats that you see when you go into the info screen for a weapon/armor (for example the silver amini club [=+100a+330s] base stats are [+100a+300s] bless lucky)

sac = silver amini club (the prefered righty and generally the most valuable)

sjf = silver jaguar fang

sm = silver masamune

sg = silver gladius

sss or silver c's or c's = silver sea slippers

sgm = silver giant maul

swk = silver wierd knife

stk = silver throwing knife

seb = silver elf bow

sp = silver pike

ss = silver staff

stw = silver tail whip

fry = bottled fairy

tc = time crystal

ds = dragon scale

cc = crystal crown
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