Complete Items List (long)

Crystal Crown- Jewel, a treasure to sell for a handy price
Emerald- Usable with 8 mage skills, causes panic
Garnet- Usable with 6 mage skills, cures status problems
Gold Nugget- Treasure, fun to collect, sells for marks
Opal- Usable with 4 mage skills, heals 12 guts
Platinum ring- Treasure sells for a lot of money
Quartz- Usable with 2 mage skills, identifies weapon stats
Ruby- Usable with 10 mage skills, causes blast
Diamond- causes “enrage”(berserk)
Teeth- treasure, really, sells for money
Turquoise- Usable with 12 mage skills, Blind
Tusk- Treasure found by hogs/pigs in forest
Horn- Treasure found on rams, sells for money
Dragon Scales- Treasures obtained from killing dragons, trophies
Jaguar Hide – treasure found after killing a jaguar in Azteca
Fang- treasure found in Azteca after killing Jaguar
Time Crystal- allows access through the dark vortex without having to fight Evil Fred (not worth using since the vortex is not a full area it just gives you the link to the Champ forum)

Troll Wart- (junk) sell to collectors or collect
Turnip- (JUNK) sell to collectors or collect
Rock- Junk obtained after a troll swindles you and takes all of your belongings, collect or sell to collectors
Gobble Inn Postcard- Collector memorabilia (junk) though it may be used to write letters
Gobble Inn T-shirt- More collector stuff (junk)
Denial-a denial from the clan you have petitioned to

Enchants- +1a every Tenth scroll +1d every fifth scroll +1s every scroll
Bless Scroll- 5% to Defense , (one time use per weapon)
Flame: gives 10% to atk. Also makes you see in the dark (one time use per weapon)
Glow: allows one to see in the dark and adds 5% to skill (one time use per weapon)
Luck: adds 10% to skill for right hand weapons (one time use per weapon)
Identify Scroll- Identifies stats of equipment (one time use per weapon obviously you only need to identify a weapon once :-p)

Blast Powder- Causes 40 damage for each use in battle
Blinding Dust- Causes enemy to not be able to use items
Panic Dust- Causes enemies to attempt to runaway

Important documents:
Petition- your request to join a clan
Grant-your acceptation to the clan you have petitioned
Postcard-a letter from some one :-p
Letter-a letter from some one :-p

Aging Elixir- +1 year to your age
Youth Elixir- -1 year to your age
Mandrake Root- Heals 120 guts or during battle causes “enrage” (berserk) also you lose 3 wits
Bushido Token- Obtained by Samurai, used to gain Ieatsu skill
Bottled fairies rescues you when you are about to die, they will take
You to the healers tower without loss of quests and gear
Ginseng Root- Gives you an extra use in battle
Nectarine- Heals 60 Guts
Camp Tent- Prevents oversleeping when not in rooms
Sleeping Bag- Prevents guts loss when you don't sleep in the rooms
Cooking gear- Prevents rust when sleeping not in the rooms
Fish- Plain old run of the mill fish, feeds dock monsters also returns 4 guts when eaten
Food- plain old run of the mill food, feeds rats, snots, berzerker/rager, plague also returns 4 guts when eaten
Healing Salve- Heals 12 guts
Gold Apple- Heals 30 guts and status problems
Serpent scale soup- heals 120 guts
Seltzer Water- Heals status ailments
Mark(s) - The unit of money in the game
Rope- Allows you to quest in the mountains, eaten by ram
Thief Insurance- Prevent creatures from swindling you
Torch- Allows you to quest in the mounds, dungeons and abandoned mines
Pen and paper- allows you to right to other characters (mail takes one day)
Faceless potion-clears all your characteristics from your character allowing you to give it a new personality
Tonic of Unskilling-takes a skill randomly away allowing the user to get a new skill (note it does not return stats that were lost in getting that skill)
Fish oil- Oily protects gear from rust for 1 day per oil max of 5 on each piece of gear
Snake oil- same as Fish oil protects gear from rust for 1 day per oil max of 5 on each piece of gear
Unicorn Pendant- allows entry to the court easily (note you can not save this item it must be made then used at once. info for this item was taken from Dctest)

Map to Warrens-allows you access to region in the mounds
Map to Treasury-allows you access to region in the mounds
Castle Permit-Gain entrance to castle without having to fight the 1st guard
Map to Throne Room-allows access to region in the mounds
Map to Vortex-allows you access to region in the mounds (you get to fight Evil Fred)
Rutter for Hie Brasil-allows you to reach the region from the docks
Rutter for Shangala-allows you to reach the region from the docks
Rutter for Azteca allows you to reach location in the docks area
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