Clan Powers: list and explination

Here I've listed the rest of the abilities the first ones are pretty useless, the middle ones are ok and the third ones are good.. I've also tried to list why I've ranked them as they are...

Alert - +30 skill to resist backstab - ok, but 30 skill isnt that much and backstabs doesn occur that often..
Armor - armor identified automatically - This is pretty useless, the smith lets you identify for a few marks and theres also identify scrolls.
Bandit - fleeing monsters are at half skill - makes it easier to catch, but the monsters that flee rarely drop any good anyway
CatsEyes - can see in the Mound, Dunjeons, Mines - Useless, bring torches or weapons with glow/flames
Clever - +30 wits avoiding Swindle - pretty useless, 30 wits isnt really that much.. bring thief insurance and you'll get 100% protection from swindle
Dragon - the dragon offers to trade - Useless, he doesnt drop any weapons, just various junk
Empathic - +50 charm when trying to Feed - feed is useless nowadays, since you dont get back your quest if the feed is succesfull. Yes you wont be attacked, but if the monster is too strong for you, run instead of feeding..
Gypsy - sometimes 'travel' takes no quests - useless, 1 quest isnt that much, and its just -sometimes-
Hardy - disease effects halved - useless, theres numerous ways to heal diseases for a cheap price
HillFolk - no need for rope in the Hills, Mines - useless, ropes are cheap.. bring them
Illuminati - Guild Costs are halved - again useless, marks are so common in the game that it isnt really a problem..
Medic - healing magics are more effective - useless, healing doesnt cost much..
Popular - gaining rank is easier - doesnt affect rank that much..
Ranger - sometimes 'scouting' takes no quests - again, its only sometimes.. useless
Sexy - +50 charm when trying to Seduce - doesnt do much.. seduce is the same as kill, you dont get anything extra part from a funny comment.. if seduce fails, kill the critter instead..
Sincere - +30 charm when trying to Bribe - ok at lower levels but useless when you rank up..
Smith - weapons+shields identified automatically - like I said earlier.. identifying weapons manually doesnt take much..
Swift - +30 skill when trying to Runaway.. ok, but 30 skill isnt really much.. its ok at lower levels but useless when you rank up
Tricky - +30 charm when trying to Trade - good at lower levels, useless later in the game..
Unaging - heros stop aging at 33 - age does nothing in the game.. useless!

Berzerk - +1 Fight Skill/ 8 levels - ok ability
Fencer - +30 skill dodging Berzerk - ok, but again, 30 skill isnt that much, and berzerks doesnt occur that often..
Hotel - 90% discount when buying a room, also gives more storage space - ok ability, the room stuff isnt that good, its ok at lower levels, but once you level up you make all from 100k to 10 mill marks a day.. besides.. who wants a room when you can get a suite? more storage is good to have though.. but merchant is better since it gives more pack space.. and the queens blessing doesnt affect storage.. only get to store 100 items in storage instead of 80
Mystic - +1 Magic Skill / 8 levels - ok ability..
Reflex - +30 combat speed - ok ability, makes it easier to hit first..but so does high Agile is a better ability..
Stubborn - +30 wits when resisting Hypnotize - its ok but sage guilds are much more effective.
Trader - +1 Trade Skill / 8 levels - ok ability

Quick - more quests each day - good ability.. always want more quests
strong - +10% attack - good, makes it easier to kill enemies on first hit
sturdy - +10% defense - good, defense is always good to have.. decreases the chance of dying..
Agile - +10% Skill - Good Ability, more skill makes it easier to dodge attacks
Merchant - sell items for more money, and gives +20 slots in backpack AND storage - good ability.. rust is a problem in the game but with this ability you get more pack space and you can store more stuff.. also the queens blessing protects your pack.. not your storage though, thats why Merchant is better than Hotel.. you get to store 80 items in pack instead of 60
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