What are the Dragon Guard Quests?

title: Tears of a Dragon
reward: Dragon Scale Jacket (armor, body)
cost: Dragon Scales (30), Marks (1000000)

title: Grand Fish Oil Project
reward: Fish Oil (at least 14, max of 26)
cost: Marks (500000), Fish (50)

title: Mysterious Goblin Armour
reward: Mythril Helm (armor, head)
cost: Goblin Mythril, Goblin Plate, Crystal Crown, Garnet (8)

title: The Gnome Tailor
reward: Jaguar Mantle (armor, body AND head)
cost: Marks (300000), Jaguar Hide (6)

title: Seafarers Museum
reward: Rutter for Hie Brasil (at least 3, max 5), Rutter for Shangala (at least 2, max 4), Rutter for Azteca (min 2, max 3), Enchant Scroll (min 8, max 24), Identify Scroll (max 3) Bless Scroll (max 2) Glow Scroll (2), Luck Scroll (3), Flame Scroll (4)
cost: Dragon Shield, Great Bow, Serpent Scale, Sea Slippers, Gladius, Great Targe, Spiked Helm, Snake Scale Suit

title: Queens Folly
reward: Unicorn Pendant
cost: Unicorn Horn (weapon), Ruby(1), Emerald(2), Garnet(4)

title:Serpent Scale Soup
reward:Serpent Scale Soup (min 15, max 25)
cost:Serpent Scale (weapon, 8, Food (1000), Fish (100), Turnip(10), Panic Dust(1)

title: The Titan Blade
reward: Titan Blade (wepons, right AND left)
cost: Marks (3000000), Gladius, Nunchaku, Jaguar Fang

title:Noble Trophies
reward: Swift Boots (armor, feet)
cost: Giant Maul, Great Helm, Rams Horn, War Tusk, Elf Bow, Mythril Mail, Battle Axe, Dwarf Axe (all weapons found in either the mountains or forest)
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