In The News ... the rest of April

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In The News ... the rest of April

Postby jadewik » April 24th, 2008, 11:22 am

The exhumed body of Padre Pio, a saint considered a miracle worker by his devotees, attracted thousands of pilgrims on Thursday when it went on display 40 years after his death.... Eeeew. (Article Here)

DNA testing on children of a polygamist sect of FLDS people found in Texas continues this week. The FLDS people just wants to be left alone. (Article Here)

The above has brought up old, silly questions about "Mormons" (not to be confused with the FLDS church)... If you're up for a laugh, there's a great article from vanity fair HERE. ... more questions? Ask your resident Mormon.

There is still no sign of Roman Catholic priest Rev. Adelir Antonio de Carli, who was carried away by party balloons during a charity event. (More info Here)

Gas prices are on the rise in the US... again. People have been going into Mexico to get cheaper (possibly leaded) fuel. Crazy.

... and swimsuit season is here! So... if you have it, flaunt it. If you need it and haven't got it yet... try for next season... though there is still time to slim down a little!
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