Clan Titan a foundation based on LIES

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Clan Titan a foundation based on LIES

Postby ReturnofWalkingDead » March 13th, 2017, 1:38 am

Hear me now members of clan Titan, the eternal enemies of my people! My name is FearofWalkingDead a vagabond who has returned to the realm of Dragon Court after restlessly travelling the unknown world for the last decade.

The history of clan titan tells of the great War of the Rose
274 The Celyydon and God Rose clans merge, forming the Lords of Celyydon Rose, and rise to challenge Titan's long-held position as the land's most influential clan. Titan agents discover that the rumors floating about the Court of LoCR's use of dark magic to gain influence are true. Titan rallies to fight and retain its supremacy, and makes war upon the Lords. Menttal and his generals, Azrael and Firestorm, defeat the Lords' army as at home their clan falls apart. The metallic dragons, impressed by Titan's righteous victory, reward the clan with a mutual defense treaty and its members with a certain degree of power over dragons. Meanwhile, in the chaos of Lord of Celyydon Rose's fracturing, the Titan agent responsible for bringing their internal dissatisfaction to a boiling point slips away unnoticed. LoCR rapidly declines and, eventually, collapses.

Not only is this all a lie but the blatant misspelling of the great Lords of Celyddon Rose clan is an unforgivable sin to one of the longest lasting clans to ever exist in DC until the end.

Now the lie I speak of, your clan's history tells

LoCR rapidly declines and, eventually, collapses.

Lords of Celyddon Rose was defeated yes, but scriptures of Titan's history dating when the collapse happened never occurred.

When I returned to the realm of DC I sought out my people, although fallen from its golden age, the clan was still very much alive. It was an internal decision from the leaders of the Lords of Celyddon Rose to finally cease hostilities against Titan.

It has been decided

Honourable Councilors
It is with pain that I announce the surrender of the last Lords of Celyddon Rose battalion. I have given this great thought and have come to the conclusion that we can no longer win the war against clan Titan. The disarmament of the joint 1st/3rd battalion shall commence immediately.

~Lord Brigia
~of the Last Battalion

Even until the final years of Dragon Court's existence Lords of Celyddon Rose remained always in the top 24 clan list.

Clans Men Power Leader

1.Wizards & Warriors 790 10387 Sirinnu
2.Titan 588 7399 Tordek
3.Gryffindor 68 871 The_Irishman
4.Fourokoj 52 826 Crazyguy
5.The almighty Tallest 64 725
6.SOIA 48 618 Zeno_Demon
7.Frost Knights 43 519 Aargorn
8.The Knights who say typ 38 359 Fitthora
9.Shinra Corporation 27 297 Varn
10.Shugotenshi 26 262 MBFO
11.Misfits 25 256 Corrina
12.Legends of Guang 13 192 MasterGuang
13.Demon Guardians 13 177 RaistlinM
14.Lords of Celyddon Rose 11 139 Brigia
15.Demon Knights 11 93 Boy of Trash
16.Da Vexxd Empire 16 89 Vexxdone
17.Torm Guardians 6 78 Aglrond
18.Bloodfin 7 75 Nublock
19.Bound for Glory 5 63 Achiliees
20.Celtic Crusaders 5 57 Jadeg
21.Gilgamesh 4 54 Zeben
22.Hardoles 4 51 Bhard
23.Voxnoxious 5 47 Regaws
24.Silver Knights 4 47 Izlude_TheDark

As always history is written by the victors, but today you learn the truth. Clan Titan deceives no more, your lies have been revealed.

Just returned to DC after a long time to find the game doesn't exist so I did a bit of digging to find my old clan message board doesn't exist anymore either, might as well post here.
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