Started playing after a long break :)

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Started playing after a long break :)

Postby phlox » October 13th, 2013, 8:54 am

Hello all. I was away from DC for quite some time. I came back a few weeks ago and started working on my character. The only one which wasn't deleted. I also have 2 alts that will hopefully help me acquire some important items (enchanting scrolls mainly) My main is level 27 right now with stats as follows
Atk : 110
Def : 211
Skill : 370

Head Spiked Helm +14a +15d -8s Bless Enchant (7)
Body Dragon Scale Jacket +103d -23s
Feet Sea Slippers +13d +96s Bless
Right Amini Club +76a +178s Bless Lucky
Left Great Targe +56d +16s

I'm handling most stuff in Hie Brasil but I haven't tried Shangala yet but I think I'll be having some trouble there. I tried enchanting my gear but I waste most of my scrolls (I actually had like 30 after questing today in Hie brasil and maybe 7-8 worked) I'm working on wits now which is 100 right now. I also used all 7 of my faeries in the last 3 days thanks to faeries. So if anyone has any upgrades available for me I would really appreciate it. Maybe a better amini club would be nice or a new left/helm. I could also use some faeries if anyone happens to have any extras. Thanks in advance
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