Rules and Guidelines for Roleplaying

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Rules and Guidelines for Roleplaying

Postby Curulan » May 1st, 2010, 9:12 am

As the Official Roleplaying system is still a Work In Progress, these rules are only some general guidelines to help provide structure. Once we have an official set of rules hammered out, they will be posted here.

You may always view the latest information about the system at our Roleplaying Wiki:
Character biographies must be submitted using the following form:

General rules:
  1. No character actions of another character cannot be done without the permission of the owner of the character in question.
  2. Any possible long strings of one story should be done through email then in one big post. This is to alleviate problems of 2, 3, or 4 pages of just short line story responses.
  3. Make sure you identify whether you are In Character (IC) or Out of Character (OOC), especially if you are not participating in the story, also when posting fully (OOC) comments please do not attach your signature.
  4. Open RPs are welcome. They don't have to be done through email because anyone can join.
  5. Refrain from improper language unless it is a necessity or part of an In Character monologue.
  6. Do not "correct" other people's posts. People may give wrong information intentionally or unintentionally, especially in dialogue. This can happen for many reasons, even as simple as a character being misinformed. If you see something another player has posted that you think be an error, please contact them privately, rather than disrupting the flow of the RP with OOC remarks.

Note on character moderation:
As we are a free-form roleplaying system, as a general rule players have full creative license over their character. That being said, since these RPs contribute to the official history and storyline of the Clan's roleplaying system and setting, all events and actions must be governed by the underlining rules of the system.

If a character performs actions that are seen to be grossly out of character, incompatible with the system as a whole, or would be considered "god-moding", the Moderators and RP Council reserves the right to retromod (change after the fact) the actions of any character. If this happens, a note will be sent to to the player describing what was changed and why.

If it is discovered that the actions of one character are found to be in conflict with the reality or actions of another character (based on the submitted character biographies and histories), then the RP will be halted until all parties involved can discuss the situation and the appropriate changes can be made.

Timing of posts:
As a general rule, a single post should encompass no more than approximately five to ten minutes of "game time" (time in the RP universe). Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis, or in the event of major plot exposition, which can often take up substantial amounts of "game time" to be fully appreciated.

Taking this into account, a player should wait until an appropriate amount of "game time" has passed before posting their next actions, to allow other players a chance to take part. Also, each consecutive post should slightly overlap in "game time", so that several characters can take action on the same situation, if necessary.

If there is a situation where two (or more) characters must constantly interact (also known as "back-and-forth") for a period of time, it is suggested that the players coordinate the events off the forum, then elect a representative to post the entire exchange as a single post.
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