The Story of

Chapter one: Parents

There was a young girl by the name of Petreona Nufu. Her father was Dargon, and her mother Bezedere. Her father had just started training young warriors when she was born. Her mother was a cook beyond a cook and a very intellectual lady. Petreona was a very well learned young lady.

Petreona though had a problem. Her parents noticed that she did not stop growing as she became a teenager. By the age of 15 she was already 5ft 9in tall and was still growing. By the age of 17 she was way over 6ft tall and beginning to become an outcast. Most men could not handle a lady who was much taller than them. She couldn't get a date and she couldn't show her face with out be shamed and ran off by others because she was different. Petreona was desperate and needed to do something fast.


In the mountains in the far, far north there was a gigantic troll by the name of Ggretack. He stood way over 8ft tall and had the size to match. He was a miner in the mountains and his job was to carry the very large rocks out of the mines for the others. His wife Treadourick was much smaller than him, but was about average height for a troll woman. These two individuals had a son by the name of Borrick.

Borrick grew and became a large troll just like his father and had just as much strength as his father did. Some would go as far to say that he was stronger and larger than his father, but were rather afraid to make the comment.

Now back to Petreona....

Petreona had taken all the insults and abuse that she could take and she ran away from home at the age of 18. Now standing close to 6 1/2 feet tall she was a complete outcast to the human race. She ran to the north toward the mountains. She had no where to go and nothing to go back to.

As she made her journey north, she came upon a troll who was sitting down by a tree. Scared of the size of the creature, Petreona hid behind some trees and slowly made her way closer to this large troll. The closer she got the more she noticed the red on the troll's right leg. Finally within seeing distance, she noticed that the troll was badly injured and needed help. Knowing that she had nothing else to lose, she stepped from behind the trees and walked toward the troll.

The troll noticing her, watched her with a careful eye. Petreona made her way to the troll and in the trollish language, taught to her by her mother, she asked the troll what was wrong and if she could help. Stunned that a human could speak his language the troll answered back that a large boulder had hit his leg and had caused him to not be able to walk. Petreona knowing what could help the leg, explained to the troll that she would be right back. The troll could tell in her eyes that she was telling the truth and patiently waited on the human lady to return.

Upon returning Petreona took the roots and herbs that she had gathered and mixed them in a make shift bowl of rock that she had found. She then applied the salve to the troll's leg and carefully patched it with some leaves that cause healing and protection. The Troll looked up to her and said "Thank you for your kindness. What is your name?" Petreona replied, "My name is Petreona and may I ask yours?" The Troll then answered back, "Borrick".

Petreona then reached her hand down and asked the troll to try to stand. Fearing that he would only pull the young girl to the ground, Borrick reached and grab the tree and stood up using the tree branches and trunk. Much to Borrick's surprise, he noticed that Petreona was almost as tall as him and yet she was a human. He then asked "Where are you going and what are you doing this far up north?" Petreona replied, "I have run away from home. I am a complete outcast there due to my size and I had no where else to go. Funny how by chance I came upon you wounded and was able to help. Now I must be on my way and you take care of that leg." Borrick replied, "Please do not go. I ask you to return with me to my parents home where you will eat a good meal and stay the night." Petreona agreed and headed to Borrick's home talking about the area with Borrick in the Trollish tongue.

When Petreona made it to Borrick's home, she at first was greeted with an evil smirk and was asked by Borrick to stand at the door and wait. Borrick entered the house and explained what had happened to his parents and with a careful eye his parents agreed to let her in. They also were surprised that this human lady was taller than Borrick's mother and that she could speak the trollish language fluently. Petreona was fed and asked to spend the night in their home before continuing her journey. Petreona agreed and stayed the night.

That night seemed to last for ages as everyday she was once again asked to spend the night at first by the constant nagging of Borrick to his parents and as time went on by his parents themselves. Petreona began to learn the ways of a troll and yet retained her knowledge of what she was taught by her mother and father. Petreona grew fond of Borrick as they would talk everyday first about the area, then about each others race, and finally about each other. Borrick and Petreona fell in love with one another and knew that such an odd combination of races they would have problems, but agreed that their love was well worth the problems.

One night Borrick asked his father if he could wed Petreona. His father was extremely angry and explained that he liked the girl, but humans and trolls just don't mix. With a heated discussion, finally Borrick grabbed Petreona's hand and headed out the door. His father told him to never come back for he would never be welcome in his house again. Borrick yelled "GOOD!" as he and Petreona headed north.

They came upon another trollish village that had the wounded and hurt trolls and the outcast of his race. There he found a priest that was willing to marry them and Petreona and Borrick were married. They built a house some 5 miles from the town and Borrick found another mine that he could work in. Here the life of a Human outcast and a troll outcast begin.

Chapter 2: The Birth of Borrick Scott

A full year had past and now both Petreona and Borrick were each 20 years old. They decided that even though they were very different, they wanted a child. Both of them knew that they would have no family or friends to help them in the time of need or to help care for the child, but their desire for a child was greater than their doubt and unsettlement. Both of them agreed to have a child and decided to try and have one by next year.

A month had past and Petreona knew something was different and wondered if she truly was pregnant with a child. She decided to not tell Borrick as of yet that she felt strange but instead she would wait until she knew for sure that she was pregnant. She acted as if nothing was wrong and Borrick never was able to tell the difference. Life went on as usual and Petreona kept this secret to herself waiting for the day that she would know with assurance that a child would soon be on the way.

Two more months had past and Petreona knew that she was pregnant. There was no doubt in her mind. Not only could she feel the difference, but also she felt in her mind the difference.

A week later, Borrick came in from the mines and Petreona fixed Borrick's favorite meal. She told Borrick that she loved him more than ever and he was extremely delighted for the chance to eat his favorite dish. After the meal Petreona walked over and sat upon Borricks leg and kissed him on the cheek. She then said, "Hun, I have something I need to tell you." Borrick replied, "Yes, is there something wrong?" "No, I have excellent news to tell you," Petreona explained. Borrick answered, "Well, what is it?" Petreona said, "You remember when we discussed about having a child by next year?" Borrick nodded his head. "Well, it has happened." she replied. Borrick answered "What has happened?" She exclaimed, "I am pregnant!"

Borrick picked Petreona up and grabbed both her arms and slung her around in a circle. Then realizing that she was now pregnant, he suddenly stopped and very gently picked her up. "Excuse me, didn't mean to get this excited, especially with you carrying our baby." Borrick put his wife down, kissed her on the check and that night held her ever so closely and gently with an occasional kiss through the night.

As time went on, it became more noticeable that Petreona was pregnant. 4 months passed, 5 months, 6 months, and then 7 months. Everyday the love between Borrick and Petreona grew and more and more Borrick stepped in to help Petreona with all of the chores and work so that she could rest more and more. 8 months, 9 months had passed and the day for Petreona to give birth was upon them.

Borrick had found a midwife that was willing to help his wife during her need even though she was not a troll. He then paced from room to room waiting on the answer of what his child was. He began to think about if it was a boy, he could teach it how to lift rocks and be a strong troll and how he could play with him everyday. Then he thought about if it was a girl and that he would love her just as much as a son.

The midwife stepped through the bedroom door and Borrick's heart stopped. He stood there motionless just waiting for the answer from the midwife. The seconds before she spoke began to feel like weeks were passing before him. She then replied, "Borrick you have a son and he is a strong child." Borrick picked the midwife up in the air and danced around the room in which he was standing. The midwife began to beg him to let her down, when finally he realized what he was doing and politely let her down. After regaining her self, she told him that he could go in and see her. Borrick then gathered himself together and for the first time in his life walked in the room shaking from fear and delight.

Borrick then saw his beloved wife holding his son and his smile stretched from ear to ear. He walked over to the chair beside her bed and placed his lips ever so gently on her forehead and kissed her. She then said "Borrick, here is your son. Would you like to hold him?" Borrick began to shake, even though his hands were large enough to palm the baby, he still shook in fear of hurting the little child. She handed the baby towards him and with one hand, Borrick placed it under the baby and Petreona laid him in his hand. Borrick looked at the child and felt a warm feeling seep through his very soul.

As he looked at the child he noticed the features of this tiny boy. The child looked identical to a troll except for the eyes, nose, and ears. He had bright blue eyes and dark grey hair that grew in little spots all over the child. He knew that this was a trollish baby, but the eyes were human.

Petreona, rather tired from the night and day's ordeal, looked up at Borrick and asked "What shall we name him?" Borrick, rather stunned, said "I don't know, I've never named a child before." Petreona explained, "Why don't we name him after you Borrick and after my great grandfather Sir Scott and we shall call him Borrick Scott." Borrick replied "That is a spendid name. Borrick Scott it is."

Borrick then proceeded to hold his child over his head in an act to give him back to God in which he came and then he placed him back into his mother's arms where both of them slept the night.

Chapter 3: A Half-Breed and his teaching

Borrick Scott began to grow and everyday his parents spent all the time they possibly could with him. He was the joy of their life and he added sunshine to their lives that had been so friendless. Petreona and Borrick loved their son and gave him everything that they possibly could with their humble means.

Borrick Scott began to speak at the age of two and his mother and father decided that he needed to be taught by his mother Petreona. Borrick had never heard her speak the human language around him, because she didn't want to offend the trolls were they lived. He also never knew that she spoke the dwarven and elvish language fluently as well. Petreona begin by teaching Borrick Scott Trollish, Elvish, Dwarvish, and Human words as he grew and spoke more frequently.

Borrick Scott reached the age of 5 and his mother began his teachings in all the basics of life as well as the customs and manners of all 4 races. He also was taught how to speak all 4 languages fluently. Borrick Scott received an education from his mother that almost all of the trolls had never received. His mother also noticed that Borrick Scott had the charisma of a human along with the personality to match. But she also noticed that he was beginning to grow like a troll, tall and large, even for such a young age. She knew he would go far, but she did not have a clue of him being what he is today.

One day, Petreona figured it was time to take Borrick Scott to the village some 5 miles away to help her gather supplies to take back to the house. So she proceeded to place Borrick Scott in the wagon and climbed aboard herself. With a swift snap of the whip and a yell, they were on their way with the horse pulling the wagon.

Upon entering the town, Petreona noticed the stares from the others and that everyone of them was looking at Borrick Scott. She never knew that the people in the town tolerated her because she was human. Petreona climbed off of wagon and lifted Borrick Scott to the ground. She grabbed for his hand and gave it a more fervent grip than ever before and preceded to enter the store.

When she stepped through the door, she was met by a remark that she had not heard in years. The storekeeper replied "You cannot enter my store with that thing, that half-breed. He is not welcome nor are you. Now get out of my store." Petreona placed Borrick Scott in her arms and with a tear in her eye headed toward the wagon to leave town. Only to be disrupted by the towns people coming through the door. The townspeople one by one, even though most were diseased and injured, began to throw rotten fruit and entrails at Petreona and her son and they chased her to the wagon.

Just before she was over taken by the townspeople. Borrick entered the town, upon coming from the mines, heading home. He looked only to see his sweet wife and only son being overtaken by an angry crowd. Borrick's smile changed to an evil anguish stare as he rushed towards his wife and child.

The towns people had always been afraid of Borrick, knowing that he was larger than any of them and stronger than 2 of them put together. This did not stop them from their terrorizing of Petreona and her son though. When Borrick had reached his wife and son in a fit of rage he begin to throw trolls left and right. Townspeople were flying over and under people. Some were hitting the ground lifeless while others were hitting the ground extremely injured from the fall. After 50 or so of the townspeople had been thrown or leveled to the ground by Borrick's big strong hands, Petreona screamed "NO! Borrick, lets leave while we still can." Borrick turned to see his crying wife and scared son and gathered them both up and placed them on the wagon. He then boarded himself and started the horses back toward home.

Both Petreona and Borrick knew that they could not live there any longer from the death and destruction that Borrick had left and decided that it was best if they just packed up and moved elsewhere. As they rode down the road, Petreona began to be plagued by the cries of the people when she was a child how they mocked and scorned her because she was so tall. Now her only son was facing this same reality and she had to protect him from the awful feeling it leaves. she knew that now both her, Borrick, and now Borrick Scott were without family and friend.

They arrived home and packed everything, leaving the house and furniture, and headed further North. They rode for days and finally found another outcast town that they could live near. This town however, had many half-breeds as well. Elvish dwarves, Half-elves, Trollish elves, and so on. The outcasts of the world to the other races. Borrick and Petreona figured this was the best place to raise their growing son. They settled in a house, this time just a half a mile from town, and begin their life anew once again. And again Borrick found work in a nearby mine, still carrying boulders for the miners. Borrick Scott picked up his studies from where he left off.

Chapter 4: Death of Borrick

Borrick Scott was now a young teenager and was growing everyday. Still his mother was much taller than him. His father however, dwarfed him as a horse dwarfs a sheep. Borrick often wondered if he would be as big and strong as his father was. He saw that his mother was way over 6 ft tall and his father was 8 ft tall. He noticed how strong his father was and Borrick Scott would often pick large rocks up in the forest and would throw them with all his might to see if he could be just like his father.

Petreona made Borrick Scott continue in his studies and his father Borrick agreed with his wife that his son needed to better himself so that he one day would be able to make something of his life. Borrick Scott was already speaking the Trollish and Human languages fluently and was slowly mastering the dwarvish and elvish languages.

Borrick always wanted a son, but he never wanted his son to grow up working like he did. He did not want Borrick Scott to continue in his footsteps by removing boulders from mines. Borrick worked with his son, by allowing him to help cut wood, carry wood and build other buildings around the house. This improved Borrick Scott's strength and he began to gain the strength that his father had as a young man in his teens.

One day a Half-Elf showed up at the door of Borrick's house and Petreona answered the door. The Half-Elf introduced himself as the master of the mine in which Borrick worked and asked if he could come in and speak with her. Borrick Scott had just finished his studies and walked to the steps where he placed his head around the corner and watched the Half-Elf intently as he was escorted to a chair and asked to sit.

Petreona began "May I ask your name and your business?" The half-elf replied, my name is Wretheus and I am the master of the mine behind the town. I am here to bring some sad news which I felt it would be best if I came and brought it." Petreona's heart skipped a beat as she replied, "Please continue." The half-elf replied "There was an accident today in the mines. The roof on the 8th level collapsed. Borrick begin to carry others to the 7th level to allow them to escape and cleared debris so that he could get to others. Before he could return a tenth time with more injured the roof caved in once again and Borrick was caught in the debris. We rushed to remove the debris, but none of us were strong enough to move it. We found one of his hands sticking out and realized that it was lifeless. I'm sorry to report that Borrick was killed today being a hero in our mines."

Petreona at first sat there with a blank stare on her face. Then a tear fell from her left eye. She tried to remain calm, but all at once she broke down and begin to weep bitterly and she realized Borrick was not coming home and she was never going to see him again.

Borrick Scott had been there listening intently all this time and when he heard that his father had died, he ran to his room and closed his door. He crawled into a corner and began to cry. The dreams he had of being as strong as his father and to be like his dad, had just all of a sudden ended. He began to wonder what was it going to be like, what was he going to do, how were they going to make it. These things began to riddle his mind as he cried.

A half-hour had passed and Petreona opened the door to Borrick Scott's bedroom. She had dried her eyes, but she could not hide the fact that she had been crying. She noticed Borrick Scott in a corner crying and realized that he had heard the entire conversation. She ran to him and fell on the floor and picked him up in her arms and began to cry bitterly with him. The man she knew as the one she loved and the father he knew as the man he wanted to be was no more.

Chapter 5: Blaze is discovered

The next few months seemed to go by so slow. Most of the days were filled with some crying now and then. There was very little excitement and very little laughter at Borrick Scott's house. His mother Petreona would hold him in her arms every evening and cry. Borrick Scott was all that she had left and she was not going to lose him.

Borrick Scott's studies continued. He was now 15 years old and was an avid reader and learner. He spoke all 4 languages fluently and could read and write. He even had the ability to think and to plan. His mother had decided that even without his father now, he still needed to continue his studies because his father would want it.

One day Petreona knew that they needed a change of scenery and so she decided to take Borrick Scott through the forest to teach him about the healing herbs and plants. Borrick Scott was very much desiring to get out of the house. Petreona packed their lunches and headed on foot with Borrick Scott through the woods.

Petreona showed Borrick Scott the plants that took the pain from burns and those that would cure itching. She showed him the salves that would cure blindness and the plants that when eaten would cause his stomach to stop hurting. She showed him all the plants that she could find and what they cured or caused.

While walking through the forest, they heard a loud piercing screech that was coming from due east. Petreona being a little leery took Borrick Scott by the arm and walked ever so silently through the woods till they came upon some rocks. The screeching was coming from a clearing in between two rocks. Before they could get to the clearing they noticed a pool of blood to their side, they followed the pool of blood for a little ways, still hearing the screeching, and they saw in the distance some warriors that had slain a beautiful red dragon. Fearing for the worse, Petreona made her way with Borrick Scott back to the clearing where they would hide till the warriors had left with their kill.

Upon entering the clearing in the rocks, the screeching grew louder until it made their ears hurt. They wondered through the rocks and came upon a beautiful red dragonling. He was screeching and Petreona knew that the red dragon that was slain must have been its mother. Borrick Scott made his way toward the dragonling. His mother demanded him not to get near him, but he did not listen. When Borrick Scott reached the dragonling, the dragonling stopped screeching. Petreona knew something was happening and was afraid to disturb it.

Borrick Scott walked to the dragonling and held out his large trollish hand. The dragonling licked his hand and made a weird cooing sound and Borrick Scott began to pat this dragonling. Borrick Scott had finally found the friend that he had been seeking all his life. He reached out and hugged the dragonling and, much to Petreona's amazement, the dragonling laid his head on Borrick Scott's shoulder.

Borrick Scott turned towards his mother after they embraced and asked if he could keep him. His mother knew she could not break this pair up because there was a bond that she knew was extremely strong between the two. She told him that if he took care of him and watched him that he could keep him. Borrick Scott jumped in delight only to be quieted by his mother. After the warriors had left with their kill, Petreona, Borrick Scott, and the dragonling preceded back down the mountain.

Borrick Scott kept the dragonling in the barnyard away from the other animals. Two days had passed and Petreona told Borrick Scott that he needed to name him. He replied, "Maybe big red or crimson blood or..." Borrick Scott was interrupted by noises of stampeding and running animals. Petreona and Borrick Scott ran outside to see what was the matter. The dragonling was standing and looking at a hay bail that was on fire and with a small cough, a small flame proceeded out of his mouth igniting the hay bail even more. Borrick Scott screamed "Stop it, BLAZE." The dragonling turned around and put his head down in disgust while Petreona and Borrick Scott put the flames out. Borrick Scott had named the dragonling and was not even thinking about it when he did.

Borrick Scott and Blaze grew and Borrick Scott would hunt and kill other animals so that Blaze could eat. Time passed and Blaze began to hunt on his own, he would not eat the barn animals, but would hunt the other animals in the forest to survive. Borrick Scott at first would follow as Blaze would fly towards his next victim later on he began to ride on Blaze's back so that he would not have to run to keep up and Blaze didn't mind because he was with his best friend.

The atmosphere in Petreona's house was changing from worse to better. But she began to get home sick for her parents and wanted to take Borrick Scott back with her to meet his grandparents. She knew there would come a day that she would have to do this. With Borrick gone there was no money and nothing left for her to do, so she decided that she would began to plan their long trip back.

Chapter 6: The Quest for home

Petreona knew that there was no more money to buy supplies with. She had sold every animal and thing they had to make ends meet. It was time for her and Borrick Scott to head back home. Now it was time to plan their trip.

Petreona could not figure out how they would be able to make the trip back home. There was no money to purchase a horse and no money to pay for a ride. She explained to Borrick Scott their ordeal and that if they did not find means to get back to her home they both were going to die.

Blaze had now grown to a fourth of the size of a full-grown dragon. The dragon had no difficulty carrying Borrick Scott in all the hunts. Borrick Scott told his mother that he believed that Blaze could carry them both to her home if she was willing. Petreona knew they had no possessions to carry and the only thing they had left was the house and the clothes on their backs. She finally agreed and Borrick Scott prepared Blaze for the long ride.

Borrick Scott had taken two saddles and combined them to make one large saddle for two people and fixed the straps to fit Blaze's large back. Petreona had gathered enough to eat for one week and handed it to Borrick Scott to place in the pouches. Borrick Scott and Blaze both looked back at his mother waiting patiently for her to arrive.

Petreona turned to the house she had called home. She looked at the now closed door and kissed her hand. She rubbed her hand with the kiss ever so gently down the doorpost and took one last look at her home. For a moment she could see Borrick coming home and her son playing with his father. She saw the small kisses Borrick would give her as she made meals. All this was over and it was time to move on. She turned and with one tear falling from her eye, made her way to Blaze and her son.

Petreona climbed on Blaze's back and Borrick Scott followed suit. To Borrick Scott's amazement his mother asked "Do you think Blaze would be willing to burn it to the ground?" Borrick Scott knew that his mother wanted to remove all ties to this life and thus he commanded Blaze to rise. Blaze lifted off the ground and Borrick Scott then commanded him to burn the house to the ground. The dragon looked back at Borrick Scott with surprise and confusion, but with the nod of Borrick Scott's head blaze let a fire ball out so immense that it set the entire farm in flames. For a few moments all of them sat there watching their home burn to the ground. Petreona then told her son it was time to leave and with another command Blaze begin to fly.

Petreona then asked her son if he would be willing to allow her to visit her previous house in the troll village. At first Borrick Scott was confused since this was the place that had tried to kill him and that his father had killed many on that day. Never the less in obedience to his mother's wishes, he steered Blaze in the direction of their old home. With help from his mother, Blaze finally made it to their old home. The townspeople had let their old house go to waste and there was nothing left but the framework. Borrick Scott figured his mother wanted to land to look at the old house only to be caught off guard. Petreona asked her son to tell Blaze to also burn it to the ground as well. Obeying his mother he commanded Blaze to burn it to the ground. Blaze once again let out an large fireball which set the entire farm on fire. His mother turned to her son and said "It is complete. We have no ties here in the North and it is time to go home." With that Petreona began to explain to Borrick Scott how to get home and he then commanded the dragon to go in that direction.

What took her months to cover in travel Blaze accomplished in a matter of hours. Petreona then pointed below and told Borrick Scott that the house below was his grandparent's house. At first Borrick Scott made a gesture to Blaze to land only to be stopped in the middle of a command by his mother. "Borrick Scott land over there in the forest, I do not know if my parents will accept me or not. It has been almost 18 years since I left and I do not know if they will even know me." At her wishes, Borrick Scott commanded Blaze to land in the forest near the farm of his grandparents.

Petreona climbed off of Blaze's back and told Borrick Scott to wait for her here. She told him that she must first find out if her parents still love her and are willing to accept her. She did not want Borrick Scott hurt if her parents rejected her. She knew that her son had been hurt enough in his lifetime and she did not want him hurt again. She then made her way towards the farmhouse with Borrick Scott and Blaze staring as she went.

Chapter 7: Home at Last

Borrick Scott and Blaze watched as his mother walked out of view and Blaze watched until she was far from his view as well. Borrick Scott climbed off of Blaze's back and sat down on the ground. He placed his back up against the dragon and fell asleep. Blaze placed his head beside Borrick Scott with one eye open and the other eye shut. He guarded the young troll with his very life and would not let anything happen to him.

Meanwhile Petreona had made it to the back gate to the farm in which she had grown up. She noticed that there were many more buildings and a lot of young men and women walking everywhere. She knew the house she had grown up in and preceded to walk toward it. Butterflies began to form in her stomach as she neared the door. She knew what she had to do, but the thought of rejection began to plague her mind. Now she was standing in front of the door with her hand ready to knock.

Petreona knocked on the door with pure fright and nervousness and waited for a reply. She had left home at the age of 18 and was now 38 years old. Thoughts ran through her head "would they recognize me? Will I recognize them? Are they still living?" In the middle of her thoughts the door opened and an aged woman appeared at the door. "If you are here for the warrior training you must go to the building behind the house and see Dargon" the lady replied. Petreona knew instantly that this was her mother. She had not seen her face for so long that she had almost forgotten what she looked like. Petreona replied "Mother?" The aged woman stared with a blank expression at the tall lady.

Bezedere replied to the tall lady at the door "Petreona?" Petreona nodded her head and the aged woman began to cry. She opened both arms and wrapped them around Petreona and gave her an extremely stern hug. Petreona ducked down to her mother, where her mother began to kiss her cheek over and over. Petreona knew she was once again accepted by her mother, but her father might be another story.

Bezedere screamed to the top of her lungs "Dargon come quickly! Come quickly Dargon!" Shuffle of feet and clinging of dropped swords could be heard as a man ran toward the house. As he made his way to the front door, he noticed his wife hugging a rather tall woman who was ducked down and embracing her. He stopped for a moment, thought about his long lost daughter, shook his head, and continued to make his way toward his wife. Bezedere shouted, "Look who has come back home to us." Petreona was released from the hug and she stood up straight and tall and turned toward the man.

Petreona noticed that he had aged and that he looked to be stronger than when she left. Both of them stared at each other. Petreona still with tear stained eyes and the man with a confused look. Dargon made his way to Petreona and looked up into her eyes. He knew in his heart this must be his daughter, simply because of her height and that she had the eyes of his wife. He reached for her hand and held it tightly in his and exclaimed, "Welcome home daughter, welcome home." She bent down and the two embraced. The three of them stood there crying and hugging as Bezedere joined in the hug. Petreona had been welcomed home as she had hoped for.

The three walked inside the small house Petreona had grown up in. Everything was still the way she had left it some 20 years ago. Petreona was led to the dinner table and all three took a seat. Bezedere said "Tell us everything dear and don't skip any details."

Petreona began to explain her trip Northward and her meeting Borrick. She then explained how they had gotten married and were kicked out of his parent's house. At first, Dargon frowned to find out that his daughter had married a troll, but he was so happy to see her that he just sat there listening to her explain the past 20 years. She then told them about Borrick Scott and that he was their grandson. Bezedere and Dargon looked at each other in bewilderment. They had a grandson and never knew it. Petreona went on telling about the first town they lived in and then the next. She began to cry is she told about Borrick's death and her mother gently placed her hand on Petreona's hand and patted it. She then told the story of the dragonling they found and the journey they had coming home when Dargon interrupted her.

"Our grandson is here, where is he?" asked Dargon. Petreona replied, "I hid him and the dragon in the forest for fear that neither one of you would accept me or that maybe you were dead." Bezedere exclaimed, "Go get the boy we want to meet him." All three stood up from the table together and headed out the door. Petreona told her parents that she would be back and headed in the direction in which she came. Both of her parents stared at their daughter's departure waiting to see their grandson for the first time.

Petreona made her way back to Borrick Scott and Blaze. Blaze looked up at her before she approached and Petreona walked over to Borrick Scott and nudged him "Wake up son there is someone I want you to meet." Borrick Scott came to and looked up at his mother, at first with sleepy eyes and then with excitement. "Who, Who!" exclaimed Borrick Scott. "Your Grandparents" she replied. Borrick Scott and Petreona begin to walk together hand and hand toward the farm with Blaze flying directly behind them.

Dargon and Bezedere then noticed two figures emerge from the woods. Then at first in freight and then realizing it was the dragon their daughter had talked about, Blaze was following behind them. Borrick Scott was now as tall as his mother at 6 1/2 feet and yet he was only 16 years old. As soon as Dargon recognized Petreona he grabbed the hand of his wife and ran towards the two. When they reached Petreona and Borrick Scott, both parties stood motionless as what would seem hours had taken place and yet it was only a matter of moments.

Borrick Scott was now looking down on his grandparents for the first time in his life. He thought to himself, "Would these people also try to hurt me? I still have my mother if they hate me." In the middle of his thoughts, Bezedere walks up to her new found grandson and places her arms around his large waist and says "Welcome home little one, welcome home." Borrick Scott had never known love like this from any other person besides his parents. He at first did not know what to do, but something inside made him duck down and give his grandmother a hug. He finally found love in family other than his own and he was enjoying in.

Dargon stared at the large boy. He could tell that he was a troll, a half-breed, and yet he had the eyes of his wife. He saw that the boy was extremely strong and could tell that he was not a normal human boy much less a normal troll. Borrick Scott rose from his grandmother, keeping his hand around her waist. He then stared back at his grandfather waiting for a reply. Dargon looked up at Borrick Scott and walked toward him. He stuck his hand out in a gesture for friendship. Borrick Scott removed his hand from his grandmother's waist and stuck his hand in his grandfather's hand. Both gave the other a tight grip as Dargon reached up to hug is grandson "Welcome home son, welcome home." The two embraced as Petreona and her mother embraced once more and all 4 headed for the house followed by Blaze.

Dargon replied, "As long as you watch him son, the dragon can stay in the field behind the house. I know someone that can help you and him out. If your mother will approve it, I would like to begin sword training for you next week after you have gotten accustomed to your new home." Petreona agreed and Borrick Scott smiled the smile of joy as all 4 entered the home and shut the door. Blaze landed in the field behind the house and laid down. He too had found a new home and one that would accept him for who he was as well.

Chapter 8: Warrior and Dragon Training

Petreona and Borrick Scott's lives had completely changed. In just a matter of days they went from poverty and need, to surplus and rich. They went from friendless to loved and cherished. Petreona knew she had made the right choice bringing her son with her to see her parents. Since Borrick's death, her and her son had experience nothing but sadness, except for Blaze coming into their lives. Now she was enjoying a family once again.

Borrick Scott and Blaze had spent the rest of the week getting use to the surroundings and exploring. Both constantly stared at the warriors training with their swords and tactics. Borrick Scott could not wait till the beginning of the next week so that he too could become a warrior like his grandfather.

The first day of the following week was finally here. Borrick Scott was the first up in the morning. He paced the room just waiting for his chance to train with the warriors. Finally both grandparents and his mother had awaken and all had made their way to the dinner table for the mornings meal. That morning the conversation was about Borrick Scott and what he would be doing now.

Petreona explained, "Borrick Scott will continue his studies. I do not mind him training as a warrior, but me and his Father wanted him to continue in his studies." Dargon replied, "OK, that is fine with me seeing that the studies your mother taught you have made you into a fine young lady. But we need to plan his day out so that he will have time for both." Dargon and Petreona discussed back and forth on how the time schedule would be while Borrick Scott sat there waiting for the answer. It was finally decided that Borrick Scott would study in the morning and train to be a Warrior in the early afternoon. Then Borrick Scott would have the rest of the evening to watch and care for Blaze.

At first Borrick Scott was angry over the fact that he had to study that first day, but there was nothing he could do so he obeyed his mother and grandfather and continued his studies. Borrick Scott studied and listened as his mother taught him, but his heart was waiting outside to be trained as a warrior. Finally lunch was prepared and all had eaten their fill. Dargon stood up told Borrick Scott to follow him, which he did. He was so excited about what was yet to come.

Borrick Scott was led outside to the training area and there stood a distinguished human. Borrick Scott could tell that this gentleman was there for him, but what was he going to do. Dargon walked up and shook the gentlemen's hand and after a small conversation turned toward Borrick Scott and replied "This is Harsun. He is a DragonMaster. He will be training you how to command Blaze and he will be training Blaze on how to take the commands. You will spend 2 hours a day with him and the remaining 4 will be spent with me. Then you will have a few hours in the evening to do what you want around the house including chores."

"Can this be? Blaze and I will be trained together." Borrick Scott was thinking. He could not believe that his grandfather would help him and Blaze together. The DragonMaster taught Borrick Scott command words and how to control Blaze. The DragonMaster taught Blaze how to take orders and how to be controlled by kicks to his sides. The bond between Blaze and Borrick Scott helped in the training since it seemed that both could read each others minds. The DragonMaster knew that this bond between the dragon and troll was tight and that it was always meant to be.

Dargon trained Borrick Scott first on how to hold a sword and then the stances when swinging it. He taught him the best places to strike an opponent and how to get the best out of his swing. He was taught the tactics of a good sword fight and how to think in the middle of battle. He was taught everything that any swordsman would ever want to learn about being an excellent warrior.

Due to Borrick Scott's size, Dargon noticed that the human swords were too small for him to swing. The swords that the humans were swinging were like daggers to his trollish hands. Dargon gave Borrick Scott larger swords each day hoping to find one that would fit his hands. Finally in desperation, he gave him a small two-handed sword to see if that would work. Much to his surprise the two handed sword fit perfectly in his hand and Borrick Scott swung it as if it were a single-handed sword. Dargon knew that his grandson was more than just a warrior.

Due to the studies that Borrick Scott had learned, he had a keen sense of battle tactics. Dargon noticed that Borrick Scott could think quickly and that he could make the right decision on what to do next most of the time. Dargon put his grandson up against some of his best warriors and most of the time Borrick Scott would win, not only due to his strength and size, but also due to his ability to think ahead in battle.

Dargon, through the next 6 months, would give Borrick Scott a larger 2-handed sword to swing, until finally the weapon Borrick Scott cherished most had entered his hand. Dargon gave him a double-bladed, diamond tipped Battleaxe with a six-foot handle that had been carved. Much to Dargon's surprise, Borrick Scott could swing the battleaxe with ease with one hand. When Borrick Scott placed both hands on the battleaxe, no one and nothing could remove it from his hands. Dargon knew he had found the right weapon for his grandson.

During those first 6 months, Borrick Scott learned how to control Blaze and Blaze learned how to take commands. Borrick Scott learned how to fight and think during battle and had become Dargon's best student. Dargon knew that time was getting close for him to release his grandson to become the warrior that he was destined to be. Only time would tell where this 17 year old would end up.

Chapter 9: Death of Petreona

Borrick Scott continued in his studies, dragon training, and warrior training. He did this day in and day out with only 1 day a week open as a rest day for both him and Blaze. The two had grown even closer during that time and the dragon and troll could not be separated. Borrick Scott also grew closer to his mother and grandparents during those first 6 months. He had finally found true love and was enjoying every second of it.

Right after Borrick Scott's 17th birthday, a disease had begun to saturate the town that Dargon lived near. Petreona was a avid healer and begin to spend most of her time helping the towns people the best that she could. This plague was so great that only 50% of the people who had it would live. Petreona spent most of her days just trying to keep the town in existence and it was taking all she had just to keep going.

Borrick Scott continued his studies and training, but his warrior training was cut back to 2 hours so that he could spend the time in the evening helping his mother tend to the townspeople. Petreona discovered that trolls were immune to this plague and therefore her son was unaffected by it. Petreona, on the other hand, was human and had the same chance of catching the disease as any other human.

One day, Petreona woke up and noticed white spots on her skin. She knew that this was the beginning stage of the plague she had been treating for weeks and thus she made the decision to stay away from her parents until she could heal. She moved into an apartment in town and only Borrick Scott would come to visit with her everyday to help and to talk.

Instead of Petreona getting better, she only grew worse and Borrick Scott had to begin taking care of his mother just as she had taken care of the townspeople. Most of the plague was gone and almost half of the town was dead. Borrick Scott wondered why his mother would be the last one with the plague. He thought about how she had cared for so many people and yet this could happen to her. He prayed and hoped that he would see the day Petreona would be better.

Borrick Scott finally ended his studies and his mother told him he had learned all she could teach him. He was happy about this, because it would give him more time to train to be a warrior and yet he spent most of that time caring for his mother. Petreona grew worse by the day and Borrick Scott began to fear the worse.

Upon his arrival one day, he felt a strange feeling when entering his mother's dwelling. As the door opened Petreona motioned weakly for Borrick Scott to come to her beside. He ran to her bed and grabbed her hand that had grown rather cold. With all the strength she could muster, Petreona spoke to Borrick Scott. "There is nothing left to do son. I am in the final stages of the plague and I will be dead by the end of the day. I wanted to tell you that you will become great someday for I can see it in your eyes. All I ask of you is that you honor your father and me by making something of yourself. Take care of your grandparents for me. I love you with all my heart and someday we will meet again."

As Borrick Scott began to cry and rub the hand of his mother ever so gently as he watched her lay there dying. He reached down and kissed his mother on the forehead and told her that he loved her. With that, his mother once again smiled the smile of joy and breathed her last. Borrick Scott remained there for minutes holding his dead mother's hand and crying with the hopes that she would speak to him again. Finally he realized that his mother was gone.

Borrick Scott carried his mother's body back to the farm. His grandparents had to stay away from her body in fear that they too would catch that horrible plague. Borrick Scott made his way to the family burial grounds. He dug a whole and placed his mothers body in it. He threw a rose that he had found in on her body and began to bury his mother.

Once again Borrick Scott was experiencing horrible pain and suffering. He now had lost both parents. The only thing that kept him going was knowing that both died saving other's lives. He now had to get on with life.

Chapter 10: Blaze's newfound weapon

For the weeks to follow after the death of Petreona, Borrick Scott trained half-heartedly. Dargon knew that he could do better, but the death of his daughter had plagued his mind as well. The house in which Borrick Scott had grown to love had become deathly quiet and still. Tears were found in everyone's eyes from time to time. The only thing that kept them going was each other.

Blaze had become half the size of a full-grown dragon and was getting stronger and more powerful as the days went by. Blaze could now control his fire weapon as well as use smoke as an affective attack.

Blaze could sense the sadness in Borrick Scott's heart and would often take his head and nudge up against his friends back. Borrick Scott would turn and gently hug the dragon and cry. The dragon did everything he could think of to bring his friend back to normal, but nothing worked.

Borrick Scott was not eating like he used to and was working a lot of hours just to forget what had taken place. Even though he had now grown to almost 7ft tall and was a rather large troll, the fatigue and stress from the past weeks were taking its toll on his body.

One day after all the trainees had been dismissed for the week, and Dargon, Borrick Scott, and the dragonmaster were all that remained, something took place that was remembered to this day. Blaze was setting in the field behind the house watching the three talk. Borrick Scott began to make his way towards Blaze when it finally happened. From the stress and fatigue, Borrick Scott collapsed before he made it to Blaze. He looked as though he were dead.

Before Dargon could rush to Borrick Scott's aide, Blaze let out a high-pitched shrill. The dragonmaster knew this sound and grabbed Dargon's hand and began to run towards the back of the dragon. As they just passed Borrick Scott's motionless body, Borrick Scott came to. He heard the shrill from Blaze and before he could do anything it happened.

Something shot forth from Blazes mouth that could only be described as the wind of the ages. The dragonmaster knew this as a sonic attack and knew the destruction it would cause. When Blaze unloaded this attack on the buildings behind his close companion, destruction of unknown proportions began to happen. The structure of the buildings began to disintegrate as boards exploded. Pieces of debris flew some 100 yards before landing in the field behind Dargon's house. Not one building was left standing and the debris was so great that it would take weeks just to clean it up before anything could be rebuilt.

Borrick Scott stood to his feet weakly and stared at Blaze and then at what once were training facilities. Blaze looked back at Borrick Scott and regained the grin he once showed because his friend was once again standing. Scared at first, Borrick Scott walked to the dragon and looked at him. The dragon, not understanding Borrick Scott's actions, gave him a strange look of confusion. Finally Borrick Scott reached out and patted Blaze on the snout and told him everything would be alright.

The Dragonmaster and Dargon ran to Borrick Scott and stood gazing at the destruction the dragon had left. Borrick Scott turned to the DragonMaster and asked what had happened and he then began to explain. "Blaze used a sonic attack which is one of the most feared attacks of all dragons. The destruction it causes is untamed and unmatched by all others. The shrill you heard before the attack was the large volume of air the dragon was sucking in before using the sonic attack. May I ask you what color Blaze's parents were?" Borrick Scott explained that he knew his mother was a bright red dragon which explained the fire he could unleash. He also explained that he never saw Blaze's father and could not tell him the color of the dragon. The dragonmaster then begin to explain the colors of the dragons and what attack each could unleash.

It was discovered that Blaze was also a half-breed in the dragon realm. Though he had the color of his mother, he was a darker red. Borrick Scott realized that both of them were outcasts. He also hoped that he would never see the attack that was used that day on the buildings ever again. But he realized that if something were to ever happen to him, the terror Blaze would rain down on the earth would be great. Borrick Scott could only hope for the best for the dragonmaster explained there was no training for that powerful dragon attack. The destruction from it was so vast that there was no place on earth that a dragon could even be trained to use that ability.

For the next 3 weeks, Borrick Scott worked hard cleaning up the debris and made Blaze help with carrying the material. The two helped build new and better buildings with his grandfather. The good thing out of all of this was that Borrick Scott had begun to grow happy once again and the bond he had with the dragon and with his grandparents was tighter than ever before.

Chapter 11: Surname WarScott

Borrick Scott was nearing the age of 18 and was still training both in warrior skills as well as dragon skills. He slowly was forgetting of all the events that had happened during his teenage years and was beginning to become a man. He now stood at 7 ft tall and weighed in at 400 lbs or better. His skills with the battleaxe he was given, as well as the other weapons of a warrior, were unmatched by any other trainee.

Blaze and Borrick Scott's training was drawing to a close. They had mastered every technique imaginable and they were the DragonMaster's best students. Finally the DragonMaster explained to Dargon and Borrick Scott that his time here was over. He warned Borrick Scott once again of the sonic attack they had witnessed and advised him to never use it unless an extreme emergency would call for it. He explained that the fire attack of Blaze was enough to win almost all battles, but that the sonic attack was too destructive to use when around others. With that the dragonmaster shook hands with Dargon and Borrick Scott and made his way back to his hometown.

Dargon knew that he could teach his grandson nothing else and that now only experience would train him further. Therefore, he began to think of how he would dismiss Borrick Scott into the real world to make a name for himself.

The day finally came that Dargon would graduate his grandson from his warrior training. A grand celebration had been prepared for this special occasion. Bezedere and Dargon prepared for weeks for all of the food and necessary items needed for such a grand party. Both Borrick Scott and Blaze were just as excited as his grandparents were and could not wait for the day that it would finally happen.

On Borrick Scott's 18th birthday, he graduated from the warrior training school in which his grandfather ran. Hundreds of people had gathered each to see their own children and mates graduate from the warrior training. One by one each individual would walk to Dargon and he would hand them their bill of advancement and give them a surname. Surnames were a common practice by Dargon and it meant that they had accomplished their full training in his school.

Finally Borrick Scott's name was called and he made his way to his grandfather. He dwarfed all of the students and his grandfather. All of the people gasped as this large half-troll made his way toward the master swordsman. Once he had reached his grandfather he knelt down to the ground on one knee and looked up into his grandfather's face. "I, Dargon, tell these people today that Borrick Scott has completed all his training by me. And with this surname I pronounce that he is a true warrior to defend the world from evil forever. I surname you WARSCOTT and you shall forever be known by that name from henceforth. Rise and stand to signify your acceptance of this name." Borrick Scott rose from the ground and turned to face the crowd he then walked back to his seat and sat down.

No longer would anyone ever call him Borrick Scott, except for maybe his grandmother. From now on all would call him WarScott for he was a trained warrior. With this surname all those till now know him by and will forever know him as WarScott.

Chapter 12: Knighted

Dargon and Bezedere had prepared for the day that their only grandson would leave. WarScott had been preparing, as was Blaze. The day had finally come for WarScott to make a name for himself. He remembered the dying request of his mother for him to honor his parents by making something of himself. He also remembered how both of his parents died honorably helping others. This gave WarScott the willpower to succeed.

Dargon begin to explain to WarScott about the queen and the clans all over the land. He showed him the directions he needed to take to get to these areas. Dargon also gave him a map that he had since his days of visiting the queen. You see Dargon was a Regent and that is why he was allowed to train the warriors for the land. This is also the reason why they were so wealthy. WarScott never knew this until that day and he wanted to be just as his grandfather the warrior was.

The day finally came for Blaze and WarScott to leave. Bezedere had packed enough food for him to last months. Dargon stood outside beside his wife in front of the dragon Blaze. WarScott hugged each grandparent twice and then climbed on Blaze's back. This time he knew that it was for him and not for his family that he was leaving. He promised both grandparents that he would stop by occasionally to fill them in on what was taking place in his life. With that said, WarScott commanded Blaze to rise and fly towards the East.

For hours Blaze and WarScott flew till they reached the castle of the queen of the land. Blaze landed outside the gate of the castle and WarScott climbed off his back. At first WarScott made his way to the gate only to be sent out by the guards. WarScott, avid thinker he was, snuck in while the guards were dealing with a merchant and ran towards the first hiding place he could find.

He finally made his way to the throne room door and saw yet another guard. He walked up to the guard and requested an audience with the queen only to be run out of the area. With pure genius thought, WarScott snuck in behind the guard as he was carefully throwing another individual out.

The throne room of the castle was larger than any room that WarScott had ever seen. He stared at all the paintings, the nobles, and the beautiful decorations. He made his way down the floor of this enormous room. Every guard eyed him not only because he was a troll but because of his enormous size. Finally WarScott made his way to the queen.

The queen had been talking to a gentleman beside her when she was disrupted by this large individual. The guards stood with their spears facing the troll as the queen said, "May I help you." WarScott bowed before her and explained that Dargon was his grandfather. The queen new Dargon and at first did not believe WarScott because he was a troll. He showed her his papers and she was convinced and extremely happy to meet his grandson. WarScott began to tell the story of what had transpired during his life. After the long story the queen was moved and stood to her feet.

"WarScott" she proclaimed, "due to your families constant help of others and your constant help, I now dub thee Sir WarScott, Knight of my kingdom. I now command you to go out and help vanquish this kingdom of the evil that attacks us."

WarScott arose from the ground knowing what had happened at that moment. He had been knighted to fight for the kingdom. He bowed and thanked the queen for the promotion and arose from the floor. He then made his way from the castle, this time untouched by the guards, till he reached blaze. WarScott commanded "Rise, Blaze and fly, its time to help rid this kingdom of the evil." With that Blaze took to the air and flew due south searching the ground for evil.

Chapter 13: Clan Titan

Knight WarScott and Blaze had begun their duty for the queen and were constantly ridding the kingdom of evil. WarScott would constantly visit his grandparents informing them of his new advancements and what he had experienced. WarScott was now a Baron in the kingdom and felt there must be more to this.

He remembered the conversations of his grandfather about the clans and what they stood for in the kingdom. WarScott decided that the Titan Clan was the best and that he would hope that they would accept him as he was. Him and Blaze made their way to the Titan Castle and Blaze landed outside the gate. Guards and defenders were everywhere and WarScott knew that this would be harder than the main castle.

WarScott made his way to the gate only to be stopped by a rather stocky gentleman. "State your name and business" he proclaimed. WarScott replied, "I would like to join this great clan". The gentlemen wrote down WarScott's name and accomplishments and explained that he would take it to the leader inside. He also explained that WarScott would have to be patient and wait for the acceptance. With this, WarScott bowed and climbed aboard Blaze's back and began to search for evil in the kingdom once more.

WarScott was now a Count for the Queen's service and was growing in favor everyday. This half-troll had the charisma of a human that helped him immensely in his quest to become greater in the kingdom.

Finally one day a servant found WarScott gathering the spoils from a battle with an Orc that was trying to attack a village. The servant handed WarScott a letter and he left just as quickly as he came. WarScott opened the letter and saw that he had been accepted into the Titan Clan. He climbed on Blaze's back and made his way to the Titan Castle. This time as he approached the gate, he showed his grant to join. The castle guard took his grant and opened the gate and he entered the Titan Castle for the first time.

At first WarScott was afraid that he would not be accepted for being a half-breed, only to find every race imaginable in the castle. There were dwarves, elves, humans, trolls, gnolls and every other type of race imaginable behind the Titan walls. He looked above him and saw an extreme defense around the walls and saw guards everywhere. He knew that no evil would be allowed behind these walls.

WarScott explored the outer area of the castle. He noticed the supply tents and the banks designed to help the new members of the clan. His eye spotted the equipment depot for new members and proceeded to make his way to it. As he entered the building he saw the officers running to and fro gathering different items up and handing them to the new members. He noticed that the weapons and equipment there was greater than he had ever seen. The only thing that WarScott had with him was the battleaxe that Dargon had gave him. He was not going to depart with it simply because of the sentimental value and the ability he had in wielding it.

WarScott walked to the counter and requested some equipment. The officers checked WarScott's papers and proceeded to roam the building finding the necessary items to help him in his service to the queen. To WarScott's amazement, they handed him equipment and armor that would fit his trollish form. He bowed and thanked them and walked from the counter.

To the left of the building he spotted a distinguished gentleman who was conversating with some of the new recruits. WarScott looked his way and wished that he could be just like him for he wore the crest of a high official of the Titan Clan. He decided that once he had learned the ways of the clan he would try to get a job working in the Castle, but for now he must learn and become more distinguished in the Queen's land.

WarScott walked out the door and headed toward the gate. He did not need money or supplies since he had wealthy grandparents who had given what he needed for his journey. The items WarScott was finding would be sold and was more than enough for him to continue. Thus WarScott made his way back to Blaze and the two flew toward his grandparent's house where he enlightened them of his success in joining the Titan Clan.

Chapter 14: New found office in the time of trouble

WarScott learned the ways of his new clan and had now become a Viscount in the service of the queen. He had made friends with other new members that were also ridding the world of evil. WarScott decided that it was finally time to request a job in this vast clan.

Finding the tavern, WarScott entered ducking as he walked through the door. So many different people were there, each with their own personality and disposition. WarScott could tell those who worked for Clan Titan simply by their crest which they wore on their armor. Each crest had a meaning and WarScott had spent the time studying them so that he would know who was who in the clan.

WarScott made his way to the bar and asked for information. A gentleman stepped up from behind the bar and asked what he wanted. "I would like to have a job in the clan. I have been trained by my grandfather Dargon in the art of swordsmanship. I was trained by my mother Petreona in the arts of healing, languages, and world studies. I was trained by my father Borrick on how to work hard. I feel I could offer the clan a lot. Please let me know if there is anything available." With that said, WarScott left the bartender and sat down at a table by himself in a corner waiting what seemed like eternity for a response.

WarScott noticed the distinguished gentleman he had saw in the Equipment depot making his way towards his table. As the gentleman approached, WarScott jumped to his feet and bowed then he shook his hand and asked him to sit. He called for the Bartender to bring each of them a drank and listened intently to the words that followed.

"I hear that you are interested in a job here in the Titan Clan", exclaimed the gentleman. "Let me introduce myself, I am Regent Thistle in charge of the Equipment distribution for new comers. I have a job for you if you are willing to accept. It will require a lot of your time, but it will be a good start for you." WarScott accepted right then and thanked Regent Thistle again and again. WarScott was then told to report to the equipment depot the following morning to begin his training. With that said, WarScott once again thanked Regent Thistle for the offer, shook his hand, and left. He walked outside and climbed on Blaze, they both rode off to their dwelling place. WarScott spent the night thinking of what he would be doing and what could happen. He also thought about if this was the place he was suppose to be at. Would he bring honor to his mother and father? Only time could tell and with that he fell asleep.

Early in the morning WarScott made his way to the Equipment depot and began his training. He was handed his assistant officer's crest to wear to signify his job in the clan. WarScott spent hours everyday learning the procedure in which the equipment was delivered and handed to each of the newcomers. He learned the skill of improving weapons by reading scrolls over them. He learned all that could be learned about the equipment distribution and all the procedures that went with it.

Regent Thistle had explained to WarScott that he wanted to make the equipment distribution run faster. With this said, Regent Thistle and Bryn Arvelen designed a new system that would speed up and make the equipment tent run smoother and more efficiently. WarScott spent hours working to help with implementing the new procedure along with his constant service to the queen.

With the new procedure implemented, the next day WarScott arrived only to be horrified at what had transpired during the night. The papers were missing of all the equipment lists and most of the equipment was gone. WarScott ran through the castle looking for Regent Thistle and upon finding him they both ran to the equipment depot. They inspected the losses and then began the long procedure of restoring the depot. Regent Thistle spent most of his time working with others to find those who had did this. The depot had to be closed to allow time to restore the equipment distribution process.

In the middle of this problem, WarScott had been informed that he was now the Head Officer to the Equipment Distribution center. He was handed the new crest for him to wear. This time there was no time for joy or celebration in the promotion for the depot had to be restored and put back in order.

After many days of hard work, the depot reopened. This time however, WarScott was 2nd in command of the depot and yet he continued his duties as if he was an assistant officer. Regent Thistle knew he needed to learn how to be a leader and thus left him to figure it out for himself.

That evening WarScott made his way back to his grandparents and explained all the things that had happened since his last visit.

Chapter 15: Promotions and the current

WarScott continued his duties everyday. He worked hours on end to help the equipment depot run smoothly. Even though many had told him to not spend so much time there, WarScott had nothing else for him and therefore spent his time working.

One day WarScott was informed that his boss, Regent Thistle, was being promoted to Lieutenant along with three others. WarScott was extremely overjoyed for Regent Thistle and worked even harder to keep the Equipment Depot running smoothly. He then was informed that Regent Thistle would no longer be in charge of the Equipment Depot so that he could tend to his new duties. With this WarScott stood speechless and horrified, trying to figure out what would follow in the days to come.

One day all of the clansmen and clanswomen were called to the Titan hall to hear the Leader speak. With this WarScott made his way to the hall and took a seat by some of his new found friends and waited for the speech to begin. Leader Doggy_Style_PY began to announce the new appointments in the clan and that the structure of the High Council was changing. WarScott listened as he heard Regent Thistle being announced that he now was a Lieutenant in the clan. WarScott was very happy to hear that Regent Thistle would still be over the Equipment Depot along with other services. But the next words from the Leader's mouth caught WarScott totally off guard.

"WarScott is being promoted to the high council in charge of the Equipment Distribution Depot." exclaimed the Leader. These words began to sink into WarScott's head that he had just been promoted to the High Council in the largest clan in all of the Queen's lands. At first speechless, WarScott finally made his way to the front and thanked everyone for allowing him to have that distinguished position. WarScott could not believe that within 4 weeks of service he had been made an Officer, Head Officer, and now High Council member.

The weeks that followed allowed WarScott to grow even more distinguished. He had now become a Regent in the Queen's Court, the highest honor given. He was asked to join the Titan Defenders by the leader himself, in which WarScott accepted and vowed to protect the castle at any given cost. WarScott was awarded the highly honorable Dedication medal for his service to the clan. The dealings and awards that WarScott has achieved in these last 3 months with the clan would take another chapter to proclaim them.

With this said, I end the story of WarScott. He has honored his parents with his advancement and honorable dealings. WarScott can truthfully say that he answered the dying request of his mother.

I hope all of you have learned the following lessons from this story:
1. Never judge anyone by the way they look. Wait till you know the individual before you judge them.
2. In the mist of trouble and pain, joy, advancement and promotion will follow.
3. Never stop because what has happened, but keep going for the road ahead is better than the one behind.
4. Study and work hard for the sky will be the limit for you.

***** The End *****
For now.....