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The government of Clan Titan is lead by the Clan Leader and a High Council. The current Clan Leader is Curulan Angelicos.

Clan Leader

The Clan Leader is the top executive position within the clan, and traditionally this role has been filled by the General of the Army ever since Menttal founded the Clan.

This tradition was circumvented only once, when Robert the Dog retired and passed on the leadership of the clan to carnelianfire; as she was not suited to run the military, the Generalship passed to Curulan. Even so, Curulan served as a loyal aide and assistant to carnelianfire, until she felt ready to pass on the burden of leadership to him completely.

High Council

Each ranking member of the High Council fills an important administrative role within the Clan. The positions and duties are as follows:

  • The Clan Armorer is responsible for procuring and distributing the armaments required by Titan's military forces.
  • The Clan Treasurer is in charge of the Clan's finances and collection of the various taxes that Titan imposes on businesses within the Clan's boundaries.
  • The Clan Quartermaster handles the procurement of goods not under the purview of the Clan Armorer -- usually dry goods and foodstuffs.
  • The Clan Auctioneer officiates the Clan-sponsored auctions that are occasionally held.
  • The Clan Luminary is in charge of organizing the various events hosted by the clan and is also in charge of maintaining the Clan's national archives and library.
  • The Head Ambassador is in charge of the Clan's embassies with other clans and nations within the world of Dragon Court. Each individual ambassador holds the rank of Clan Officer.
  • The Master of Ceremonies is not strictly an administrative position, but tradition dictates that he (or she) have a seat on the High Council.


The position of High Council Adviser is an honorary rank given to members of the Clan who once served on the High Council and are now retired, or to individuals who have earned the respect of the Council. While they do not have a direct vote in the clan's operations, their opinions are welcome during discussion and debate on various issues.

Clan Officers

The Officers of the clan serve directly under the High Council and are in charge of carrying out the orders of the Council and delegating the necessary responsibilities to their assistants. Additionally, these individuals are trained and groomed towards replacing their respective High Councilor should the need arise.


While they do not hold any actual rank within the government, the assistants to the Clan Officers still play a vital role. As paid employees of Titan, they handle most of the busy work and day-to-day operations of the various services Titan provides its citizens.