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Cartes is one of the largest cities on the planet of Dragon Court and is the capital of Titan. It is located west of Salamander Township.

Civil District

The majority of the Cartes Civil District is spread throughout the city. There are three main class distinctions within the civil district. These are between the rich, middle-class, and the poor. Areas where the richer populace live are called "squares" and are thinly populated; the middle-class live in "pockets" which are moderately populated areas; and the poor live in "slums" which are densely populated.

Squares are mainly located within the "Golden Quarter". Homes within the squares are generally many gabled mansions and rich manors with private stables and extensive gardens. The streets are long and cobbled in red brick and the gates and front doors of the houses in this district have been decorated with emblems of gold leaf which distinguishes them from all other homes. The names of streets in the "Golden Quarter" also have the ring of luxury in them.

Pockets are generally located along the borders of the different areas of town. Homes in the pockets vary in size. Larger homes house members of society who have graduated from the ranks of the working class but haven't yet been offered land in the "Golden Quarter". There are also smaller cottages with thatched roofs that house the elderly and those who struggle to stay out of the slums.

The slums are dotted about Cartes. These areas of town are densely populated and house some of the most formidable criminals in Cartes. Likewise, many of the best spies work in the slums gathering information and rumors for the society of the underworld. Two of the largest slums are RatTown and SandTown, which border one another on the outskirts of the Market District and the Merchant District, respectively. The palace guard are frequently called in to settle disputes between the Market Rats and the Merchant's Sand.

Temple District

An assortment of religious temples dot the horizon in the Cartes Temple District. There is something very ethereal about the air in the temple district. It may or may not have anything to do with the amount of incense that is burnt there, which has created something of a permanent fog that swirls about the streets.

Temples here range from the ornate to very plain temples, and from large to small. The grandeur of each temple is only as detailed as the various religions dictate, and even then the rest is left up to imagination. Some temples have very tall spires. Other temples use a more gothic style of buttresses and gargoyles.

Streets in the temple district form a series of concentric circles connected by eight main radial streets that go each of the eight directions on a compass rose (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) and several minor streets. The eight main streets all meet around a circular, central block of temples. In the exact center of the temple district resides the Hall of the Empyrean, which is the presiding governing body of the temple district as well as the living quarters for the more senior paladins and clerics in the realm. The center block is also the location of the historic Living Gardens, which are very powerful medatative gardens due to their continued use and frequent blessings. The gardens, being at the very center of the temple district are also a place of power and have been known to be frequented by magi as well as clerics.

The temples closer towards the central block contain more of the older temples. Buildings for newer sects and also housing for those employed within the temple district become more prevalent further from the central block.

Arcane District

Arcane District.jpg

A more recent addition to the city, the Arcane District developed as a result of the increasing appeal for magic users to seclude themselves from non magic users. Though many people throughout the Dragon Court are attuned to mana, few have developed that link like the mages of the city. As a result, they often become somewhat recluse in nature, or otherwise quirky.

One only needs approach the area to know that the city has changed, as the buildings of the district reflect an odd and eerie yet stunning atmosphere. The architecture here is unique, and one cannot help but feel the slightest tingle of curiosity and wonder at the power within these streets. The outer streets boast some of the most illustrious and complete magic shops in the area, as many of the wizards and mages have put some of their lesser items on sale for popular use. Few outsiders dare wander deeper into these streets out of superstition, which indeed could easily be an excuse for a slight sense of fear and lack of understanding of those who dwell within.

Titan's Academy of Magical Research is located here nestled among the many towering spires and high colorful buildings that make this area stand out with such remarkable uniqueness.

Market District

The most distinctive aspect of this part of the city are the thunderingly loud cries from auctioneers. For years, Carte's market district sold the finest rare equipment available. Adventurers would come on daily basis to the various auction houses with their supplies from all accross Dragon Court, and even the isles beyond to sell their goods, and buy them as well. City officials keep the warehouses which house these goods under very close supervision, as this is they make a prime target for thieves.

Over time, the wealth that would flow in and out of this area was well recognized as some items could sell for marks in the level of billions. And so, it was granted that the House Something would be given a seat in Titan's government as a High Council member. This was given after several rounds of negotations in response to the increase in wealth and importance of the auctioneering community as a whole.

Merchant District

The Merchant’s District borders the Market District. While the Market District hosts numerous shops where vendors sell their wares, the Merchant District is the administrative platform supporting Cartes’ many enterprises. The location reflects this, as many of the buildings are stately and pristine, primarily dominated by guild halls legal offices, and also warehouses.

Each building of the district is slightly different, representing the various artisans who have established their business headquarters here. For example, the woodcrafter's guild is a stunning display of timber and gilded frames while the stonemason’s guild hall is a solid building of pure marble and granite, and so on.

On a daily basis, the area bustles and buzzes with activity. Carts drive in and out moving inventories, while offices and guild halls see people coming and going throughout the day. During holidays, cheers and celebrations can be heard from the city’s more prominent guilds.

Entertainment District

Much of Cartes' eastern side is made up of the many amphitheaters, restaurants, taverns, inns, gambling parlors, play houses, and other entertainment venues that give the area it's name. The area is always alive with laughter and merriment that only dies in the early hours of the morning. Bordering on the Temple District, festivities and religious rituals are on going throughout the year. Often foreign troupes of actors or performers can be seen wandering through these streets, in addition to the many performers and bards native to the city. A strong tie is felt with Lighthaven's cultural events, as much of her influence is imported here.

The region is split literally into halves though, as the southern section is well known to locals as a seedy place to go for the pleasures otherwise left out of polite society. At the heart of the city's red light district is the Dancing Dryad, a elegant and stylish establishment renowned for its women and showmanship. The northern portion has become a second home for the many citizens who patron the Golden Griffon.

"Golden Quarter"

The "Golden Quarter" has become the informal name of Cartes' richest area. Named after the golden gate that gives access to the sector, the homes of wealthy nobles, High Council members, and prominent merchants and business men can be found here. A few select shops, are nested within the canopy of splendid mansions and sprawling estates. Most sell high end luxury wares such as jewelry, and are also quite famous for their craftsmanship.

The quarter is one of the most lucrative area for thieves. Though very few have ever been foolish, or skilled enough to have ever attempted a theft in the region. A strong guard presence is felt here, and many are not even dressed in uniform. A unique system, using lanterns has been established to identify guards from residents. Non residents must obtain a day pass in order to pass the gates. Passes are only valid for a day, and visitors must leave before nightfall.


Farmlands surrounding Cartes...

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