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The Army of Titan is the largest division of Titan's military, with more than twice the number of members of any other division. Originally, this group was known as the "Warriors of Titan".

Ascending the ranks in the Army is slightly different from the other divisions. All members enter the division with the zero-grade rank for the mandatory training period, but since the Army has both officer and enlisted ranks, all new members start as enlisted, until they reach the rank of Corporal. At that point, they are given the opportunity to stay on the enlisted track, or to begin officer training as a Cadet. This system was put in place by Curulan, who firmly believes that all officers can benefit from the basic training all enlisted soldiers go through, since Curulan himself started his military career as an enlisted soldier.

The Army has two divisions. The first of these divisions is derived directly from the original Army. Nicknamed "the Warriors", this group consists of infantry, archers, cavalry, and elite infantry. The other division, the Palace Guard, is permanently stationed at the Titan Palace and in Cartes and also perform a National Guard-like role for the great nation.

Standard issue equipment for the infantry are a steel broadsword and steel mail.

Standard issue for the archers are a steel short sword, a longbow with steel-tipped, armor-piercing arrows, leather armor, and leather bracers.

Standard issue equipment for the cavalry are a steel long sword, half-plate armor, and leather barding for their mounts.

Standard issue for the elite infantry are an enchanted steel bastard sword and half-plate armor.

For members of the Army whose religious beliefs forbid them from using a cutting weapon, non-elite units may swap their basic weapon for a single-handed battle-hammer and elite units may swap their basic weapon for an enchanted two-handed warhammer.

XX-X: General (Gen)

WO-5: Colonel (Col)

WO-4: Lieutenant Colonel (LtC)

WO-3: Major (Maj)

WO-2: Captain (Cpt)

WO-1: Lieutenant (Lt)

WO-0: Cadet (Cdt)

WE-5: Sergeant Major (SgM)

WE-4: Master Sergeant (MSg)

WE-3: Sergeant (Sgt)

WE-2: Corporal (Cpl)

WE-1: Private First Class (PFC)

WE-0: Private (Pvt)

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