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Located on the isle of Tortuga, one of the islands that comprise the Pirate Islands, Blackwater is the chief city of the so called Corsairs of Blackwater. Herein can be found a collection of the most notorious and dangerous sailors ever to be on the open sea. A city where fortunes are made and legends born, many eager to prove themselves flock here, attracted by the hive of activity. Only the most cunning (and conniving) are able to carve a name for themselves.


The founding of the city of Blackwater dates back to circa 309 QY. The region of the island was named Blackwater for the discoloration of the nearby coves during the spring time, a product of algae growth and other hydrophillic plants. For decades prior, Blackwater and Tortuga had been used as a hideout for pirate booty and also a safe haven for those wanted on the high seas. Over the years there was a gradual increase in the number of sailors who congregated in the region at any given time of the year, which consequentially lead to formal creation of the "city" of Blackwater, in an effort to make their haven more hospitable during their times of port and rest.

Incidentally, after taverns, brothels, and business were set up, Blackwater began to grow from a safe haven, to a pirate’s paradise, graced even with the luxuries of city life. This in turn added on to the already busy area, making the city a bustling center of activity, and a hub for crime and also treasure. Blackwater's prominence has arguably inhibited the creation of any other cities. Though shanty towns do exist along the other islands, they come no where near rivaling Blackwater.

Current Day

Blackwater is more a congregation of taverns, brothels, markets, and businesses than an actual city. There is no local government, and regulation of business and enterprise is completely reliant on the strength of the hired muscle who enforce the claims of proprietors. The streets are constantly rowdy as drunken men carouse with prostitutes, while others fight openly in the streets. Kidnapping and impressments into service of a pirate captain against ones will is a common fate for those who collapse from drunkenness. To survive and prosper in Blackwater is to have great skill in fending for one's own self.

Despite the often dangerous atmosphere, Blackwater has become a second home for pirates when they are not on the sea. Here they can port their ships, find crewmates, and attend to their personal needs, and of course, hide their loot.

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