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Full name: Boywonder

Aliases: BW, a nickname given by those slightly better off than mere aquaintences

Symbol: If one was to “associate” a sign; it would most likely be the skulls of children and adults alike


The Arena: Master of the Arena

Titan: Ambassador, Roleplay Councilor


Boywonder was not born but created by the evilness of members of the Void. While shaped to be that of a human being, both inside vital organs to outside skin and hair and teeth, BW’s creation was tampered with to imbue the physical hints of both the vampire and the lycan.

Military Division/Rank

Former Titan Military Scout


Leadership Abilities

While having no formal training in any sort of diplomatic or inter-organizational leadership, BW has managed quite well. Having formed several key and useful relationships throughout his tenure as an ambassador and learning from all those he has met, BW is quite the loyalty-enducing personality; albeit at times it is instilled by fear.

Military Abilities

Having no formal military training nor any ambitions towards the gathering of his own personal guard or militia or anything of the sort. When the need has arised BW has used private funds to either procure soldiers with their own leaders or will employ single “units” or “heroes” and give them instructions to follow in there own way versus having to deal with training, upkeep, or micromanaging of military forces.

Combat Abilities

Boywonder is an accomplished and legendary combatist. Prefering to use the nails/claws of his hands, knives, and the occasional use of gunpowder based weaponry. Though the latter is very rare. When coupled with the incredible speed of his vampirism (when the circumstances allow) or the unstoppable strength of his canine side, BW is simply a force to be reckoned with. In the near improbable event that BW would require the strength and speed of both sides of his anatomy, BW’s body is indestructible in all ways excepting when entering the state. To enter that state is both incredibly detremental to his physical as well as mental health. Having trained in both multi- and single-combat scenarios along with increased and decreased gravity, BW has rarely found himself disoriented or feeling disconcerted regarding a confrontation of any means.

Magical Abilities

This is Boywonder’s weakest trait. He is absolutely without any magical properties at all. Being made of void materials he is actually the antithesis of all magic and finds himself allergic to even attempting any mana-based spells or abilities. This can also be BW’s greatest strength when faced with impossible magical odds. One example being when BW faced a mage of the Fire Plane. While in combat the mage was rendered useless as his physical prowess equalled to naught and, unforseen to the burning warrior, his magics mattered even less. Every “fireball” or “blood burn” was more an action of futility in delaying the inevitable than a useful assault.


Boywonder appears as a clean cut and well groomed individual. Almost always dressed in black or another of the “darker colors” used to accent his fair skin, BW prefers dress clothes of the name brand ilk. The pricier the better, and of course if not made by the immaculate and overly-detailed BW&CO (patent pending… pending the creation of patents) then by another noteworthy fashionista. A general example of BW’s outerwear would be (his innerwear is rarely shown in public, though shown often enough): BW entered the tavern sporting only the finest. Covering his upper body in elegance lay a silk long sleeved shirt died blood red, often whispered to be dyed by actual blood. Buttons of the whitest ivory keep the shirt closed up until the last two buttons, leaving hints of a well-powered chest underneath. The gorgeous shirt, worth more than the lives of a million slaves, is tucked into the blackest of leather pants. However the leather was tanned and dyed, they gods of night could not have made it a deeper black, causing the silver clasp at the waist keeping the pants closed to shine even brighter. Barefoot and ungloved, BW wore more wealth in his outer garments than kings could afford in a lifetime, his few items hid the refinements of his innerwear…


Boywonder was created by the melding of the viscous materials of the void into an evolving and growing organism. For his ability to grow, learn, evolve, his was considered a wonder of the void world. Nicknamed “boy” for a lack of creativity, Boywonder came to be. His first word was, “death,” and his personality bent went downhill from there. Random beatings, along with flashes of the full moon and then the sun, strengthened the being along with giving him a basic mastery of his powers. During combat training BW ate one of his mentors/captors, signifying the passing of his youth into his adulthood and was sent as an agent of the purest evil to the realm of Titan. Having his mind ripped apart in travel, BW was again a child in Salamander, with the oddest of skills helping him to get by. Fighting, killing, hunting, he worked himself up through the court of the queen, never knowing family, friends, or a need to be loyal to anyone but himself. Finding himself confronted by an angry and scared village worried about the possibility of one of their darker heroes being a vampire and/or a werewolf, BW chose to flee. He then took to pirating to make a living, always honing his skills, and always gathering fortunes upon fortunes. After a blackout, BW awoke to find his ship wrecked upon a foreign shore, his entire crew devoured. Fearing monsters, BW went into a cave to battle the inconvenient evil, finding it to be himself. After secluding himself for centuries, BW returned to the lands of Titan via a raft made by himself, having permanently augmented his body and learning all about himself once again. However this time around in Titan BW ignored the pleadings of his old mentors and chose instead fealty to himself and to aid Titan should the benefits fall upon him as well. Having no place to store his immense wealth, and fearing roving pirates discover his old island, Boywonder and an old titan known as Ducky built an enormous arena far to the northwest of Titan’s palace. There BW has held fights, races, always covering the fact that worlds of wealth lay hidden underneath. Though the blood and bones of innocents often obscured the view should anyone manage to find it.


Often found laughing and attempting to swoon any female who dared near his presence, the façade that BW puts on makes him seem outgoing, sweet, and even kind. This however, hides a psychotic bent, a lusting for blood, women, and gold, and a need to be the center of attention since BW lacks a true family of his own. Often quick to anger, and always too eager to prove himself, regardless of the odds, it is generally only for the smiles and affection of women that BW is considered a “good” hero, acting in his own way to accomplish a means asked upon by another. When the possibility of harm could come to those who he is working with, BW with happily put himself in harms way, though this trait can be traced back to stubborness and a need to prove himself to himself, not for being a selfless individual. Sometimes manipulating and using those who consider themselves his friend to accomplish his own private goals, he is rarely caught doing so and is able to keep his relationships as such. In order to ease his mind and relax, he finds his idle processes in hunting (people and animals), designing clothes, and improving weapons incredibly releasing.



Background: While contemplating ending his own existence due to having killed his pirating crew, Boywonder stumbled upon a glowing piece of the moon. After much work with the stone, he eventually sealed the piece inside of his own heart, knowing that he would die long before that piece of stone would leave his body. Appearance: It is a perfectly round jewel now draped in heart and blood. Constantly glowing, though unnoticable now as it is deep inside of BW’s body.

Abilities: As the moonstone is a piece of the moon, it triggers the unnatural reactions of BW’s vampirism and lycanism. Having learned to master these abilities to choose when and how his body would react to these mutations allows BW to transform at any time for any reason.

Throwing Dagger

Background: A small dagger perfectly balanced for throwing. Having picked it up from one of his many fights around the realms of Titan during his first inhabitence of the area, it has stayed with him since.

Appearance: A small blade sits on a black leather handle.

Abilities: Often times covered in one poison or another, or at times BW’s blood in order to stop the mana flow of a mage, the throwing dagger has come in quite handy quite often. It is kept concealed at the small of his back, however it is easily reachable and its placement aids in the fluid motion of drawing and throwing the weapon.

Bodysuit of Void

Background: A bribe to lure BW to join once again with the Void’s attempts upon Metatron’s life, BW lied and manipulated his way into getting the complete suit and then wholly ignoring the orders of its former owners.

Appearance: Practically invisible when worn, when it is not however, it is the same blackness as that of the void. Covering the body from toes to head in a single piece leaving only holes for the eyes, to wear it one must first be a void creature, and then will it the wearer’s body.

Abilities: Rendering the wearer nearly completely invisible by means of void material shapeshifting the bodysuit is made for near infinite stealth. Since it is made of void materials, magical “sight” and other magical discerning spells are rendered ineffective. Of course noise and scent are still viable means for trace, unless otherwise taken care of by the wearer.

Key Relationships

Boywonder loves baby seals for the joy they give him in their premature deaths, and innocent women and children for their death screams.

However Cheshire, Lady Lil, and Ducky are the three members of Titan that BW is close to and would happily perish to save any of them in an instant.

(circa 2005)