Dancing Dryad

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The Dancing Dryad
The Dancing Dryad is at the center, forming the heart of eastern Cartes' entertainment district. This district is perhaps the seediest side of Cartes, and is very much a contrast to the northern side's "Golden Quarter". Nonetheless, The Dancing Dryad is a well-refined and extremely elegant establishment. The building towers over the surrounding area in both size and splendor. The lavish facade boasts a well-crafted female dryad posed on nimble feet behind a lush forest folded into a niche. In scrolling gold letters reads the name of the most entertainment establishment that the Dragon Court has known. Not anyone can enter however. Membership is difficult to come by, making The Dancing Dryad a very select and exclusive place to spend an evening.

What has made The Dancing Dryad so coveted and known is the beautiful women that are on display within. It is Dragon Court's premier gentleman's club, offering some of the most beautiful women on the western continent. On special occasions such as festivals and grand shows, mages are employed to polymorph many of the young girls into dryads, as actual dryads would be impossible to obtain, their nature being too recluse for such activities. The public however, never knows the difference. The decor of interior as well as the fashion worn by the women is that of which is expected, a forest setting.

Interior Layout

The entrance to the building opens into a large hall, where supporting the ceiling are actual oak trees installed like pillars spaced evenly down the corridor. The hall opens up into the center stage display where a pond and fountain make first catch the client's eye. This is the main piece of the stage, where many of the women perform, as there are footholds both in the bond, as well as a platform that rises out with the water in the fountain to give a truly magnificent performance. A large platform also extends out from the pond as catwalk, which drives directly down the center of the hall. On each side are seats for clients. Skirting the walls are couches and large chairs, as well as tables for drinks and behind them on both the right and left walls are platforms with trees mounted at even intervals. The trees create a canopy within the main hall, allowing swings to be hung down from them. All of the setting is fully functional.

On either side of the pond are stair cases that lead to the second level which houses VIP guest boxes that give a secluded view of the shows as well as any other private entertainment that is requested. The level creates a full circle around the center stage below. Behind the fountain where each staircase meets is a private bar. Each booth contains a standard table but slightly larger couches and cushions than that found below as well as curtains. Rumor has it that once drawn they cast a sphere of silence spell.

Through the back entrance on the other side of The Dancing Dryad is an entryway that leads into buildings cellar where customs, drinks, and food are stored. The cellar is divided into two portions however, a smaller portion being set aside for the girls to prepare themselves for performances. A staircase leads them up behind the stage and also branches off into secluded pathways allowing access to the different posts within the building without having the girls forced to walk through the crowds.

The Upstairs

At the front of the building, next to the cloakroom is a small alcove that is often not noticed, as there are no lights to indicate it. The alcove however leads to a door, which leads to a spiral staircase that reaches the upper offices of the building. This is where both the administrative work is done for the place as well as some unofficial and very secret meetings (at least to the general public) behind some of Cartes' and Titan's underworld kingpins. The city guards know better than to enter The Dancing Dryad for any other purpose than to watch a show for this very reason.