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Dragon Court is a FREE online RPG hosted by fiends.com [1]. The java based game provides a "clicky" interface through which most of the game is played.

In the game itself, you create a hero and go on quests in order to level your character. As your level increases, you gain more quests. You can also get better gear, gain court rank, seek to increase and round out your character's stats, join a clan, or trade items with other players.

Most of the game interaction is through forums. There are the main DC forums and also clan forums, which are run separate from the game forums.


Clans are the heart of Dragon Court. The out-of-game interaction that happens on the forums is integral to the game's success. Each clan is run by a player or group of players who govern themselves. Clan governments vary clan to clan and some have some unique aspects.

Some of the major clans in the game at the moment are:

  • Bloodfin
  • Crimson Dragons
  • Frost Knights
  • Guardians
  • Gryffindor
  • New Dawn
  • Shadow Council
  • Titan
  • Torm Guardians

Dragon Court: A History

Over the years, Dragon Court has evolved several times.

[ something about the different changes to the game & how it's evolved over the years... eg- rust, no rust, rust... peer, no peer... town square... etc.. etc... ]

(pre-1999ish, someone else will have to write it... i wasn't around then. Also, can someone add the version numbers and fix my years? -chesh)

DC circa 1999-2001 This era was dominated by hacking and cheating. The worst part was that cheating was easily done by anyone and it required little knowledge of hacking. The Trading Post was constantly filled with these goods and this is where most of the hacked items (Time crystals, Dragons scales, etc) that exisit today came from.

Besides the negatives, this era was the last version before the introduction of "antiques". Thus in this version weapons had no enchanting limit. However, enchanting only increased the skill value of a weapon and had no effect what so ever on attack and defense of weapons. There wasn't any rust, peering was avaliable (but you could not change your character information) and the town square was a local of many gamers and traders.

Other items that existed: Kookies, cookies,....

DC circa 2001-2003

Titan in Dragon Court

Clan Titan in Dragon Court was originally created by the character called Menttal. It was created some time around the year 1998. Menttal, a teenager at the time, was the first person to really take what it meant to be a clan to the next level. As the clan grew, the clan's government and services expanded to match the demand of it's members.

Titan soon reached the top of the lists, where it has been a major powerhouse in the game ever since. In the past, the Frost Knights have passed Titan in power for short periods of time. Shadow Raven, another multigaming clan, has been the only other clan to surpass Titan in power for an extended period of time. However, with the latest game update, they decided to discontinue their clan's branch in Dragon Court.

Today, Titan still remains at the top of the lists. It is also still one of the largest clans in Dragon Court-- though the game's popularity has dwindled.

Dragon Court in Role Play

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