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Don't have time to write full article yet, but here are some quick bullet points for an outline. (Most of this comes from my orginal ASF novella, The End of Magic)

This part could possibly be in a separate article History of Ur, since Ur is a planet distinct from Arda. Arda was created to replace Ur after Ur went explodey.

This might be another good article split for the First Darkness War

  • First Darkness War
  • Death of Blitzkeg
  • Death of Clerann
  • Ssu'rik - Zemos's destruction of their planet and the world-ship
  • Cryosleep of mortals
  • Destruction of Ur
  • End of Immortals as a race
  • Establishment of the Sentinels of the Balance

This part is the real part of Arda's history:

  • Creation of Arda
  • Awakening of mortals
  • Building of civilization

This might be anther split point - Second Darkness War

  • Second Darkness War

The next article in the timeline would be The Starseed Project