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The formation of the Titan Mages follows the convergence of the old Defense/Protection and War/Expansion Mage divisions of Titan. They now constitute all mages of Titan whom utilise magic for combat purposes, on both offensive and defensive fronts.

Individuals with little or no prior experience in the magical arts enter the division as Apprentices, while those with prior experience may be allowed to begin as Initiates. Apprentices are restricted to theoretical study until it is felt their understanding of magical forces is sufficient enough to let them begin learning to wield them safely. After a predetermined length of time has expired, Initiates may take a standard test designed to show their grasp of general magical concepts, and become High Initiates. High Initiates may then begin to focus their learning in some particular areas if they so choose, and receive more individual attention from their superiors. A Council of Magi must be held to raise a High Initiate to the ranks of the Magi, consisting of one High Magus and three regular Magi, or, in the absense of a High Magi, six regular Magi. To attain the status of High Magi, the Archmagus himself must be present at the Council of Magi, along with whatever advisors he so wishes.

Although even Initiates can serve a purpose in battle, generally only the ranks of Ma-2 and up are sent into non-drill scenarios. The acting field commander will decide how the mages are to be best deployed, and instruct his/her command to prepare their spells accordingly. The test allowing one to become a High Initiate covers all basic magical combat techniques, including group dynamics, anti-magic tactics, defensive magic, and strategic operations.

Standard issue equipment for all mages include field robes emblazoned with Titan's symbol, a wooden quarterstaff, and a carrybag of magical components for all standard spells. All equipment is presented with no magical properties whatsoever at the time of their presentation, but are expected to accumulate certain enchantments as the mage progresses through the ranks. The staves are affixed with a gemstone on their top ends, according to rank:

  • Ma-5: Archmagus - Turquoise
  • Ma-4: High Magus - Emerald
  • Ma-3: Magus - Ruby
  • Ma-2: High Initiate - Opal
  • Ma-1: Initiate - Garnet
  • Ma-0: Apprentice - None

Note: The Mage ranks Ma-3 and below are considered equivalent to Enlisted ranks, and the ranks Ma-4 and Ma-5 are considered Officer rank. The mages of rank Ma-4 command the lower ranks in battle. The Archmagus is largely an administrative role.

Ma-5: Archmagus

Ma-4: High Magus

Ma-3: Magus

Ma-2: High Initiate

Ma-1: Initiate

Ma-0: Apprentice

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