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Leader: Dedman and Peacemark both hold this rank

Co-Leader: N/A

General: Ekehart

Captains: mikeyt028 (aka Mikey Taylor), MiniMoi, PaladinOfLight (aka Brop52), Jazmyn, The Night Hawk

- There is a clan level system as a guide to the strength of a clan compaired to others, Titan has been the most winning clan in the game and we look to reclaim that record when the new level system is finalized.

- We offer help and guidance to new people on a regular basis, with a good portion of the clans ranks being older players, dedman has over 2 and 1/2 years of experience in newage, in game terms, hes old :D.

- We have several contests / battles for our clan, as well as several member run events.

- Our clan has a good buffer of resources to withstand Spacial Field Fights. As a clan, we are against agression. However, if you wish to go to war, you have to get your own resources. The clan will help defend you in the event you are attacked however.

- We have peace or non-agression pacts with most other clans, we do not have a hostile stance for any aspect of the game. Through diplomacy we resolved all issues that occurred in the past.

A little about the game:

The main thing is to develop a character (as in DC kinda) you do this through a system based on endurance, used to limit what you can do, things like fighting, traning, or working for in-game currency. So it kinda means balancing in between training and battling to do well in the game.

The higher your level the easier it is to get better.

Aside of the Character you build up, you can develop an outpost in the spacial field. Here you build up a village kinda and you can go to war with spacial field military units. It's a costly process though to go to war. The main idea is to advance your ability to harvest / mine resources that can be sold on the market for gc (ingame currency) and or use it to forge equipment.

Next to the Character and the Spacial field depending on the players level one can have grogs, grogs are a sort of pet. You can train them, breed them if you find the right pairs of them, it's also possible to have your grogs fight in battle domes. You can even raise them just to sell back to the game for extra cash, a common practice.