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The Priests of Titan are not part of the military per se, but are listed here for organizational purposes.

Since there is no central, organized religion in Dragon Court, instead having many smaller faiths and household gods, a group of religious officers are required to manage the differing faiths held by the clan's members. The overall orginzation is managed by the clan's Cardinal, who appoints the Archbishop and Bishops for each of the larger organized faiths of the clan. Each faith has a single Archbishop who acts as liason between the Bishops and the Cardinal, and one or more Bishops, who preside over each regional location in the clan. The lower ranks are appointed by the local Bishop. The Priests also run the clan's hospitals, including the one located in the Palace. The Palace's hospital is run by an Archbishop appointed specifically for this purpose, but this Archbishop does not have any Bishops underneath him.

Even though the Priests are not members of the military, when they act as healers at military installations or in battle, they are granted certain command authority. The priest ranks of Verger through Priest are granted the authority equivalent to WO-1 (Lieutenant) and the ranks of Archdeacon through Archbishop are granted the authority equivalent to WO-2 (Captain). The Cardinal, when applicable, is granted the authority equivalent to WO-5 (Colonel), since he is the head of the division.

Note: Since the Priests are primarily a non-combatant division, their ranks do not translate directly across to other divisions. Ranks Pr-1 through Pr-3 are equivalent to WO-1 (Lieutenant) and ranks Pr-4 through Pr-6 are equivalent to WO-2 (Captain). The Cardinal (rank Pr-7) is the head of the division and is equivalent to WO-5 (Colonel).

PR-7: Cardinal (Cdl)

PR-6: Archbishop (ABs)

PR-5: Bishop (Bis)

PR-4: Archdeacon (ADn)

PR-3: Priest (Pr)

PR-2: Deacon (Dcn)

PR-1: Verger (Ver)

PR-0: Acolyte (Acl)

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