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Finally added dates (year only) as has been requested for who knows how long (sorry curu, but I DID do it eventually ;)) It could REALLY benefit from some formatting from someone more familiar with Wiki, like indenting the events for example, please feel free to do that. I didn't bother with any linking yet as I imagine it will need some editing and certainly additions if we're gonna cover stuff prior to Salamander's founding. The dates are based on that but are mostly for reference until a true calendar is decided upon. One entry still starts with - as it wasn't really an event, perhaps that can be incorporated into some entries in the form of "YEAR - YEAR Leader X's term" or the like. As I said I expect edits to be needed but please post them up here rather than editing right away so I can make sure stuff fits properly. Additions are another matter entirely, please feel free to add on before or after what's already there and include dates if you feel comfortable doing so. Stuff in the middle post on talk first if you would. Speaking of stuff afterward, PLEASE someone(s) else add stuff such as subsequent leaders on in order, I can date if necessary, but lost track of what changed when after 370. Obviously I could add Carn but know she served more than one term and am unsure of the timing there. I went for a relative approximation of the realtime flow of events but couldn't give an exact scale and would have to look at everything closer to give an approximation. Please note I'm operating off the assumption that people do not necessarily live typical real-life lifespans; for example Az has lived at least 2-4 normal human lifespans of 75ish years. The scale could be reduced, if this is desired again please post and I'll be happy to do the prelim on that. I promise to be back often to work on this at least until it's hammered down enough for others to work on it without my input, if it's been a couple days and I need to respond feel free to bug me on AIM. That's it for now, peace love and mana for all. Azrael 06:31, 10 October 2006 (EDT)