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The void, unlike all other variations of magic on the Magic Wheel, has no need for mana. The void is a type of "anti-magic," in that spells cast on a Void-aligned character will always fail to affect them. However, spells that affect objects that interact with the target are still effective. For example, a rock thrown at a Void-aligned person by telekinesis will still carry its own momentum, even though the spell that was guiding it no longer functions..

Mana-Dead areas

Some areas of the universe have been affected in such a way that mana simply no longer exists there. These areas are known as "mana-dead zones," or sometimes colloquially as "Void regions."

Most Common Species

Because many dwarves are resistant to magic, they are the most common race with a magical affinity of void though many dwarves also have other magical affinities.

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