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Magical affinity is inborn, and does not change. Ideally, this is determined at character creation, since it is a driving force of their personality, as well as their own magical abilities.

Affinity is represented by either one of the six elements that compose the Wheel of Mana or Void.

Choosing a Magical Affinity

When choosing a magical affinity for your character, you need to consider your character's personality and pick something that "fits" the character or what you want to accomplish with the character. Of course, these are just basic generalizations and not every character with an affinity in one of the six elements will fit these generalizations perfectly.

Within the application of magic itself, a character with a specific affinity is both naturally more skilled and more affected by (whether for good or for ill) magical effects of that element.

Here's a good list of the generalizations pertaining to affinity:

  • Fire - Wild, "untamed", more likely to rush into things without thinking. Characters with a fire affinity possess strong magical abilities.
  • Earth - Stubborn, tedious, more likely to follow the same routine or pattern to solve a problem, good physical strength.
  • Air - Flighty, maybe absent-minded, very agile and good reflexes.
  • Water - Adaptive, fluid, able to apply past experience to new situations.
  • Light - Analytic, observant, more likely to consider actions very carefully before doing anything, very "book smart".
  • Shadow - Scheming, good with tactics and plans, a little bit greedy and selfish, very susceptible to corruption.
  • Void is not a property of mana as much as an anti-property. Void means that there is an absence of mana. Characters with Void for a magical affinity have no degree of magical abilities and likewise are completely immune to magical effects (either beneficial or harmful).

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