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Approximately seventy miles northeast of Proudwater Naval Base, surrounded by forests on all sides are a few gentle hills that suddenly give rise to a massive mountain, towering above the northern wilderness. Reaching into the clouds, the lone mountain would fit perfectly if it was part of a range, but oddly stands alone. The looming crag of earth is known as Azure Mountain, a home to some of the most powerful Mages that Dragon Court has ever known.

Little is known about the activities that go on there, the nature of the research and magic within, or of it’s true powers. Having stood for millennia, Azure Mountain is shrouded in mystery. It has been home to a now disbanded group of Magi once known as the Azure Solstice. None dare wander close to the peak, scared for their lives.

Stone walls jut out from the mountain, forming windows to the inside. Lights and brilliant flashes of colour have been seen from as far as Family Castle. Often, unnatural storms of lightning shower the mountain in dazzling display of power and light, illuminating the mountain from an otherwise unnatural darkness that looms over it.

The Creation of Azure Mountain

Whether Azure Mountain was raised up from the earth by means of magic is unknown. Legend has it that a powerful conclave of wizards, known as the Council of Five, hollowed out the halls, forming tunnels and an underground complex that reaches far down into the core of the earth. No mortal, not even the mighty dwarves could build such deep tunnels. The Mountain rests in the northern wilderness, a part of Titan's most recent annexations.

After the days of the Council of Five, Parlik, Titan’s former Archmagus took control of Azure Mountain. Currently, the Archmagi Azrael Nightstar is Master of the Mount, lord of her mysteries. These are the only two Magi, affiliated with Titan, who have know of her secrets.

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