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Bards are dabblers of art, music, poetry, philosophy, dance, story-telling, illusions, and so on. The list is never ending. They are the jack of all trades, yet masters of none. Their wit and imagination is as endless as their talents and adventures. While bards come in many varieties, most share the common wanderlust and passion of adventure that drives them daily.

Unlike mages, bards have no formal training in any magic. Most are either too nomadic, or otherwise too flighty to sit for hours on end studying ancient tomes or practice the painstaking motions and speech required. With that said, there is not a bard alive who has not had a strong affinity to mana. They tap into their powers when playing music, or telling stories. Capable of capturing large audiences, inspiring courage or invoking fear, bards are masters of suggestion and diplomacy.

Bards come from a myriad of different backgrounds, yet few, if any have had a formal education. Despite this though, they are master lore keepers, making excellent guides. Combine this with their oratory skills, they can easily make their way around. A bard's knowledge will always stun and surprise, as they tend to know the minutest and most mundane of details, but also secrets that are now long forgotten and stolen by time!

Famous bards relating to Titan have included Tordek Nightbringer and Keye J carnelianfire.