Tordek Nightbringer

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Common Name

Tordek Nightbringer

Full Title and Rank


Sylvankind Elf

Magical Alignment


Military Division/Rank

Rogues/Taker of the Shadows

Character Overview

Like many other people, different people and friends will bring about changes in the his personality. To anyone that would meet him for the first time, he often seems either aloof or cold. He hides emotions that he carries for people often times save for his close friends. Like many of his race, he rarely judges someone from a first encounter and is slow to make friends, but even slower to make a true enemy. Those that he does consider close, he protects and watches over, with the utmost in loyalty, and unquestioning friendship. He does not harbor animosity, save for a truly minute few, but often is not on amiable terms with many more. Those that he dislikes can be frequent, but he never truly callous with them and will only show his discontent subtley. He is a slow character to place trust in others.

On many occasions he does enjoy making a scene of himself, appearing as a drunk, or a fool of other sorts, causing loud commotions and stirring up minor trouble from time to time.

He is a very charming character with a strong sense of charisma. His speech is eloquent and his wit sharp. He is often times serious, but before the general public of Titan he appears to be amiable and whimsical. He often muses at simple feats or phrases, and can lose himself in even the most basic of humor and pleasures. In the same way, he is just as often calm as he is brash.

The elf loves knowledge, and often reads and explores. Anything that would provide the chance for intellectual stimulation, the ability to learn, or even hear a new story or song, he would eagerly jump at.


As a bard, Tordek can bring forth courage to his allies through song, as well as negate negative enchantments placed on the minds of his friends. Through his bardic music, he can bolster and strengthen the hearts of men, as well as provide vigor and stamina. Secondly, due to his traveling lifestyle as a bard, he has accumulated much lore. He is able to recall ancient and lost knowledge often times, and is familiar with a multitude of artifacts, locations, people, races, legends and tales. Tordek has the ability to impregnate the minds of those around him with the magical ability of mass suggestion. His will can become a command to a large number of others should they fall susceptible to his song. Through his bardic music, Tordek can also wield magic. He has the ability to bring his foes to fight amongst themselves, charm, fascinate, hypnotize, bluff with exceedingly high chances of success, conjure a persistent image, modify memory, and force a subject into an irresistible dance as well as animate objects. All of these are spell like abilities.

Tordek also has trained skills, such as listening for sounds, faint noises, conversations, and things that would be otherwise difficult or inaudible to distinguish to an untrained ear. His keen eyes are capable of spotting hidden objects and enemies, while his hands can dexterously work a lock of even amazing quality as well as perform tricks involving slight of hand. He is an eloquent storyteller and skilled musician with the mandolin, and lute. Through his music or storytelling, he can bring about his magical abilities of fascination, suggestion, charm and inspiring courage as well as countering enchantments. His reflexes are sharp and keen, giving him the ability to react to danger before even his senses are aware of it. He can dodge blows with uncanny agility, and cannot be ambushed or flanked save for a rogue or assassin of much greater skill. He has the supernatural ability of being able to hide in plain site, whether it is daylight, or even if he was being watched, he can disappear from his enemies.

Finally, Tordek is proficient with a small array of weapons, including the bow, longsword, shortsword, daggers, and throwing axe. He is comfortable in armor that is light, but will rarely be seen in it, mostly restraining its use to ceremony.


Tordek stands at a tall five foot nine inches, and by tall, his height is somewhat unusual for his race. He bears the increased strength common to Sylvans, as well as haunting beauty so akin to Elves of all lineages. His eyes are a deep brown, while shards of steel grey can be seen. He bears a proud chin, with sharp cheeks revealing his bones. His hair is a lighter brown, cut short extending just to the midpoint of his ears. His front hair is somewhat long, reaching to his mid forehead and is pointed out. He often wears white, choosing soft fabrics. His clothes are flowing, capable of allowing him maximum agility and freedom of movement.


Coming to Titan was not because he had ever heard of the power or prestige the clan had, but through sheer greed. He wanted the best, and they offered it, in money, equipment, and supplies. His wandering life style led him straight to the Golden Griffon. He stayed there however because he found that the people there seemed to suit him. He found a home there quickly, and Ebon-Ashe soon enough. It was first though that he found a small Order that he put his talents to use, and that was Azrael's Order of the Shining Star, where he was commissioned as a rogue officer. His first tasks were under Major Trustme, ordered to perform reconnaissance in the newly captured Châteaux Lexingrad. Because of Tordek though, the people of Lexingrad were befriended and eagerly accepted the Order’s forces as a benefit to the land. He had ventured forth to offer what they could to the people. He along with Frenzie, also saved them from the threat of marauding blue skin orcs. Through time he would become closer with Azrael, and also one of the most integral members of the Order, earning him his position as the Second in Command.

Meanwhile however at Titan, Tordek was not idle. It was not long before he met a person like the Lady Ebon-Ashe. She was flagrant and flamboyant. She would cause trouble and loved it. For many months he had witnessed her in the tavern, always drinking the same red wine with arsenic in her corner. No one dared challenge her, not until the day that Tordek decided that he should make himself known. Full of confidence, and as if out of nowhere, he pick pocketed the greatest of rogues only to find out that she had been expecting him to do so for some time. He was awarded both a set of magical tools, as well as the title of the Taker of Shadows, Master of Thieves.


Tordek’s thought can be spontaneous and sudden just as seen in his often flighty personality. Contrary to this, he often analyzes facts, events, words and situations, giving them great weight and importance. Arbitrarily, certain pieces of information or memories of moments may stick with him for the rest of his life, even if they are the minute or trivial.

He is quick to memorize things, and often identifies people from what they say or what they do compared to their faces or other visual appearances.

Overall, whether he be amongst strangers or at home, he is unabashed and reveals his whimsical side, which is also very amiable. On a job though he is focused, determined, and even ruthless, lacking patience for failure.

Properties of Choice

Nightbringer, named after himself is Tordek’s prized longsword. It is made from mithril, forged and tempered, with a blade folded hundreds of times over in an Elven hearth. Within the hilt of the blade are runes are deeply engraved. There are no ornamental gems or stones marking it. A black ribbon is tied to the top of the hilt. The blade has the magical ability to dance, allowing it to fight on its own without the master wielding it. The enchantment was placed on the piece by Curulan Angelicos. A small silver ring never leaves Tordek’s finger. It has no marks or emblems on it, yet has the fantastic ability to render the bard invisible, undetectable to even greater scrying. It was a gift for his services in Artrisia from Azrael Nightstar. An instrument of master craftsmanship is his mandolin, which bears no magical enchantment. It is coated in gold flakes, with an ivory board.


Amongst his close friends, Tordek will often joke and entertain. He is unquestioningly loyal to those that he trusts, and would do whatever it was they asked of him. He looks on them with close fondness and admiration. Such is the case with Azrael Nightstar. For Lady Ebon Ashe, the Archon of Shadows, he bears a quiet wish to guard and defend her, even though she is above him in rank, and somewhat in skill. He was once madly in love, with a young woman by the name of Princess Amy. Years ago they were married, but time dissolved their marriage. They were brash youth at the time however. Nevertheless his early life marked the end of his wish to gain close friends. Those outside of that already existing circle may never become close to him. Amongst others he is aloof and often coy but at Titan he is at home and is willing to play the role of the entertainer.