Golden Griffon

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Patrons gamble a few coin shooting dice in a typical night.

The Golden Griffon is the oldest inn in Cartes, serving food and spirits. This time-honored location is the best place to rest your weary feet and make merry. The establishment changed hands many times before it was purchased by an anonymous and affluent member of Clan Titan. It has long carried the nickname "Titan Tavern" due to its association with the once-fledgling clan, but its current owner has since expanded and renovated the building to accommodate are large dining area and rooms for rent. The sign for the inn is a griffin painted in yellow on a brown shield. It is unknown whether the Clan's flag is a reference to the inn, or vice versa, as both the flag and the sign emerged around the same time. The original name on the deed was "Ye Golden Gryphon", but the current owner changed the name in accordance with modern spelling conventions.

The building itself is a two-story wooden construction with a cellar. The first floor is comprised of the main dining room and the kitchen. The kitchen is a spacious room with several wood burning stoves, chef workstations, and pantries. Near the back door, which leads out to a small yard, there is a narrow staircase leading into the cellar.

The cellar, accessible directly from the kitchen, contains back stock of grains and flour for baking bread and cakes and is divided into a smaller wine room, where a wide variety of beverages (both alcoholic and not) are stored; practically any drink made within Dragon Court can be found here. Thanks to the close friendship between the owner and Clan Titan's leader, Curulan Angelicos, many drinks not of this world can be found there as well.

Gambling is a common sight in the Golden Griffon, and the high-stakes games are a diversion for Titan's soldiers and wealthy citizens alike. The secret back rooms of the inn once served as a meeting place for the seedier denizens of the city, but with the renovation and legitimization of the establishment, this activity has largely relocated to the Dancing Dryad.

Specialty Beverages

There are several specialty beverages served at the Golden Griffon.