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Note: The following dates are relative beginning with the first entry. They have not yet been converted to the Queendom Year system and may also not be entirely accurate.

1 Salamander Township is founded

45 Beth becomes Queen

60 Menttal approaches band of warriors; Titan is formed

63 Beth grants Titan the "southern land", west of Salamander Township

67 The Titan Palace is built in the southern land at the site of what will become Cartes

142 Titan begins to grow into one of the realm's top clans. After a long battle with Clan Darkstar for the top spot, Titan becomes the most powerful clan in the Dragon Court. The victory is aided by the incorporation of several smaller clans such as Azure Solstice, the Blood Lords, and the Family.

157 Titan experiences explosive growth, securing a great deal of land north of the Mystic Forest and many new members by recruiting and incorporating many more warrior tribes, using the newly-gained lands of the Inner Circles as bases. The clan rapidly grows too large for Menttal and a few trusted Lieutenants to manage. In response, the High Council is formed. The settlements that have grown up around the Palace continue to grow, becoming a town in their own right.

274 The Celyydon and God Rose clans merge, forming the Lords of Celyydon Rose, and rise to challenge Titan's long-held position as the land's most influential clan. Titan agents discover that the rumors floating about the Court of LoCR's use of dark magic to gain influence are true. Titan rallies to fight and retain its supremacy, and makes war upon the Lords. Menttal and his generals, Azrael and Firestorm, defeat the Lords' army as at home their clan falls apart. The metallic dragons, impressed by Titan's righteous victory, reward the clan with a mutual defense treaty and its members with a certain degree of power over dragons. Meanwhile, in the chaos of Lord of Celyydon Rose's fracturing, the Titan agent responsible for bringing their internal dissatisfaction to a boiling point slips away unnoticed. LoCR rapidly declines and, eventually, collapses.

277 Having achieved a level of influence long thought impossible, Menttal steps down as Titan's leader. Firestorm is his appointed successor.

279 Firestorm's leadership rapidly slips, and the High Council discovers he is in fact absent and being impersonated by one of their own, CAW3. The impostor is banished, and Azrael becomes the Leader of Titan.

- The clan continues to flourish under Azrael's leadership, unchallenged in its supremacy for many years. Growth slows to a more reasonable rate, the clan's leadership works to improve clan services and add new ones.

291 The area around the Titan Palace is fortified and formally incorporated as the city of Cartes.

314 A young woman named Drelzna, claiming to be the illegitimate daughter of Queen Beth, surfaces. The Queen subsequently begins to act strangely, failing to take action against the pirates who have effectively embargoed Salamander, and the people of the township go hungry. Azrael withdraws Titan's support of Queen Beth and her kingdom, declaring Clan Titan a sovereign nation no longer subject to the Crown. Beth is in no position to object, and no return of support is forthcoming when her behavior returns to normal.

315 Azrael founds the Order of the Shining Star to allow Titans who so choose to fight the Evil Uprising while the clan maintains its traditional position of neutrality in the conflict.

322 The first fighting between Titan and Evil Uprising forces takes place, a result of the EU's failure to distinguish the Order from the clan. The Uprising's error is made clear to them, and open conflict between Titan and the EU is avoided. However, the incident leaves a sour taste for the Uprising in Titans' mouths.

345 Azrael steps down from leadership, naming his trusted lieutenant Robert the Dog as his successor. Over the coming years, the clan's leadership will change hands several times between Rob, Azrael, and both as co-leaders.

352 The Order of the Shining Star, led by Azrael and Robert the Dog, defeats the Evil Uprising's invasion of the NOD and claims the land for its own. This represents a huge increase in the Order's holdings, and policies are put into place clearly dividing the Order and Clan Titan to avoid future involvements of Titan in Order business.

370 The Evil Uprising attacks Salamander Township. Under Robert the Dog's leadership, Titan joins the Order in the fight. This represents a turning point as Titan leaves its policy of neutrality behind.

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