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Light mana... blah, blah...

Element Color
Light White

Opposing Threads Threads of mana that are directly opposite on the Wheel of Mana are said to be opposing. If two opposing threads are put into the same weave, the intended weave's elemental effect is weakened. If equal quantities of opposing threads are included in a weave, their elemental properties are negated and the sum of the threads contribute only to the weave's overall intensity.

Light opposes Shadow

Lending Threads Threads of mana that are adjacent on the Wheel of Mana are said to be lending. Lending threads increase the intensity of a thread's contribution to a weave. If used in sufficient quantity, lending threads can shift the elemental property of a weave.

Water and Air lend to Light

General Character Traits

Characters with a light affinity generally are very analytic and tend towards issues of the mind. They like puzzles and can be very good problem solvers if they've learned to apply their book learning (they're "book smart"). These characters are very observant and are more likely to consider actions very carefully before doing anything. Some light mana characters tend towards procrastination because they consider things too long.

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