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Race, as it pertains to the character biographies, is the character's species.

Basic Races

Most new characters will be one of the primary humanoid races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, or Gnome.

In general the following traits apply to races


Humans are a part of the triad races.


Elves are one of the longer-lived races. In general, they have been known to be intelligent and highly skilled craftsmen. Elves are also very stealthy. They prefer associating with their own kind and often insult other races, which they consider "flawed". Elves tend to be proud and consider themselves far superior to all other races-- especially humans. Most elves have natural magical abilities and many prefer to use magic over muscle in battle.

Elves are a part of the triad races.


Dwarves are small in stature and many prefer to dwell underground, usually in mountains because of their knack for harvesting minerals from the soil. Their time spent mining makes them physically one of the stronger races. Dwarves take pride in their skills in mining and metal work, and can be reluctant to part with armor or weaponry they've personally made. Their weapons are known to be some of the finest ever made, rivaling those known to be made by elves. Dwarves are not natural wielders of magic. Many of them are resistant to certain forms of magic. That resistance is what prevents many of them from using magic. Though it is not unheard of to have a Dwarven mage, it is very rare.

Dwarves are a part of the triad races.


Halflings are one of the races native to DC. They are slightly smaller in stature than Dwarves. Though they thrive in a natural environment, Halflings prefer to live among rolling hills and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. They prefer the social life above all else-- though, they can be hearty workers when they're motivated enough. They have a natural curiosity which frequently gets them into awkward situations, but many are clever enough to escape trouble. Stubbornness and weaker physical strength than most of the other races are their main flaws.


Gnomes are one of the races native to DC.

Unique Races

Most exotic races will be permitted to new characters on a case-by-case basis. Unique races will be subject to approval by the Roleplaying Council.

Unique character races include but are not limited to dragons, elementals, giants etc... (Need more examples... any ideas you DnD people out there?)




Average Life Expectancy

In order to add structure to the Titan RP system, average life expectancy limits have been set for each race. No immortal RACES are allowed in the Titan RP System! This does not mean that immortal characters are not allowed. In general, the average life expectancy of each race is as follows:

The above ages are assuming magic is used in medical care to control disease, infections, etc. In DC, magic fills in a lot of the gaps left without present-day medical science-- doctors are replaced by priests who can cure infections with magic; medicines like penicillin are replaced with potions and tonics.


The above age limitations for races do not account for age-limiting factors such as age-reducing potions and tonics, special items that inhibit the aging process or circumstances that alter the character outside the boundaries of a particular race such as cross-breeding between races or a physical transformation.

Cross-Breed Species

The average life expectancy of a cross-bread character such as a half-elf (someone half-human and half-elf) would be the average of the two race's life expectancy. In the case of a half-elf, the average life expectancy would be 150 years. For a character that's been the product of cross-breeding across several races, the same rule of averages applies when determining average life expectancy. For example, a character 1/4 Dragon, 2/4 Human and 1/4 Gnome (a highly unlikely combination) would have a life expectancy of approximately 212 years.


At present, the only immortals that are allowed in the Titan Roleplay (RP) system are vampires. These are characters who started out as one of the above races and then underwent a physical transformation to become immortal.

Because immortal characters are likely to be "god-modded", special permission must be given for a character to become immortal. Experienced Roleplayers are allowed to have an immortal character. Characters new to the Titan RP system will need to be evaluated by the Titan Roleplaying Council before an immortal character is approved.

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