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Character biographies are used to form detailed descriptions of a character for the Titan Roleplaying Group. Characters and information in the character sheet falls under the Creative Commons license for this Wiki.

To create your own character biography, use the template as listed below, and email it to The Titan Roleplaying Council will review the biography and address any issues with you directly, and in private. Once the biography has been accepted, the Council will add your character to the Wiki for reference. Characters will be listed by the character's common name.

Player Name

This is the character's player, usually the name used on our forum.

Common Name

This is the character's full common name, sans any title or rank. It is usually composed of a given name and a surname.

Full Title and Rank

This is the character's title(s) and/or rank(s), listed as in a formal introduction or written signature. If the character has multiple sets of titles, list them separately as a list with the domain before title. If no role-play titles exist for the character, simply list his full name, preceded by his rank in Dragon Court.


This is the character's species. If the character belongs to a species that has multiple subsets, list the general species first with the more specific subset in parentheses. For example, if the character is a drow, the Race entry would be "Elf (Drow)". Likewise, if a character is a red dragon, the Race entry would be "Dragon (Red)". Also, if the character is a natural or magical polymorph, list the original or preferred form first, followed by a slash ("/") and the word "Polymorph".

For most new characters, this will be one of the primary humanoid races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, or Gnome. Most exotic races will be permitted to new characters on a case-by-case basis. Unique races will be subject to approval by the Roleplaying Council.

For more detailed information regarding character races, please go to the Race page.

Magical Affinity

This is the character's magical affinity and will be one of seven options: Light, Shadow, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or Void (non-elemental). This characteristic an indicator of a character's innate personality, and also determines how certain types of magic affect the character, so it should be considered very carefully and heeded in roleplaying.

Military Division/Rank

This section indicates in which division of Titan the character serves and his rank in that division. If the character holds a specific title within that division, list it before . If the character does not hold rank in the Titan Army, put "Civilian". If the character is not a member of Clan Titan, either omit this section or put "Member of <Clan Name>".

Most new players will only select the division of Titan for their character to be placed. Actual rank placement and advancement will be managed on an continuing basis through roleplaying as well as approval from the Roleplaying Council.

Possible military divisions are: Mages, Paladins, Priests, Rogues, Warriors, Rangers, TacStrat

Character Overview

This is a short, general description of the character, usually one or two paragraphs.


This is an explanation of the character's abilities, mundane and/or magical. This section should be as long as it needs to be, but try to keep it within two to three paragraphs, if possible. This section is also where unique or rare abilities would be described.


This is an explanation of the character's physical makeup, if applicable. This entails clothing, physical appearance, and any special traits (in the case of elementals, golems, constructs, etc).


This section describes a character's complete history, kept up-to-date. Players must keep in mind that the character template is not necessarily considered common knowledge in-game, so the information contained is not necessarily known to other characters.


This section describes in detail how the character acts and thinks. This section is separate from the Character Overview.

Properties of Choice

This is the character's preferred weapons or types of weapons. Any unique or named weapons should be described here. Also, this section include any specific artifacts, icons, or items of note. This section would also include specifics on pets or familiars.


This section describes how the character interacts with other characters. Specific examples should be cited if key relationships exist. Marriages, close friends, family, and enemies should be described here.

Example character bios

The following character sheets have been approved by the Roleplaying Council and set aside as examples as to how a player should fill out a character biography. Please keep in mind that these characters have been around for quite a long time.