Titan Emergency War Council

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The Titan Emergency War Council has been founded by Curulan in an effort to allow the clan more jurisdiction over its own policy. Specifically, this consists of the following members: the General, the High Council and its Advisors, the Sub-Councillors, each of the 8 heads of the Military divisions, and the Voice of Titan. Each unique member gets exactly one vote (i.e., they do not get a separate vote for serving two roles on the War Council) with the exception of the Voice of Titan. The Voice of Titan will cast the final ballot in the event of a tied vote after all other ballots have been cast. All members of the War Council have a say in the customary discussion before the vote, and the War Council is arbitrated and moderated by the Voice of Titan. The War Council can be called only by either the General or the Leader when he feels that the issue at hand greatly concerns the Clan as a whole and a proper solution can only be found after all aspects of the Clan have had their input. A decision made by the War Council cannot be overturned by the High Council or Leader and may only be repealed by challenge from another session of the War Council.

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