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Welcome to Clan Titan's Roleplaying Wiki!

This site has been established by Titan to provide a guide for all members of the Titan Roleplaying Group. It is maintained by the Titan Roleplaying Council so that a single standard set of rules and information can be kept. It also serves as documentation for all characters, places, and events that are covered in the official events that make up the official Clan history.

How to use this document

If this is your first experience with Titan Roleplaying, please take the time to read the rules and make a character biography. While you are waiting for your character to be approved by the Roleplaying Council, you should then familiarize yourself with the current events and past roleplaying events found in our history.

The articles found here are cross-linked for easy reference. Our roleplaying is done on our Clan message boards in the Grand Hall forum. Anyone is free to read the roleplays that take place there, however only approved members of the roleplaying group may participate.

While this article -- and a handful of others -- is presented from an "out-of-character" perspective, the majority of our articles are written from an "in-character" perspective within the roleplaying universe.