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On the eastern shores of Dragon Court's mainland is the city of Lighthaven. The city rests approximately one hundred miles southeast of the Titan Palace, and forms the eastern most tip of the NOD. The city and coastal fortress of Lighthaven Keep are under the jurisdiction of the Order of the Shining Star, but the laws and regulations enforced are largely identical to those of Titan's government.

Lighthaven Keep was ordered constructed by Azrael Nightstar shortly after the Order of the Shining Star liberated the NOD from the Evil Uprising, making it the first structure built specifically to serve as an OSS stronghold. Upon completion it was put to use as the NOD's eastern command center.

Surrounding the outpost at the time were only a few dwellings, but with the increase in protection and aide by the OSS, they grew into a small village. Over the years, the village blossomed into a town, and now flourishes as a full-scale city, as a result of the bounty of the sea and a thriving trade enterprise. The geography and climate of the area provides a warm water port year round, and the scale and magnitude of the cliffs provide a strong natural defense.

It is from Lighthaven that adventurers travel out to the eastern provinces of Shangala and Hie Brasil, making the city a bustling spot for adventurers and merchants alike. The population of the area and surrounding villages is approximately twelve thousand, and rivals the prosperity of Cartes. It is here that the Dragon Court's mainland first sees many of the marvelous and exotic wares that will make their way into homes and shops.

With this high level of trade, though, has come a certain degree of illicit activity. Smuggling and theft have been problems that have plagued the port for some time. Crime rings have tried several times in the past to extort merchants and sailors, requiring dues to various criminal entities in return for safe passage, and also safe storage of their goods. Belligerent merchants, unwilling to pay a tax struck back, and chaos ensued marking the years of the Trade Wars. Tensions climaxed when a small number of Crimson Guard were sent in from surrounding OSS strongholds, and even a small contingency of Titan’s own guard to investigate and ease the standoff. Robert the Dog himself was master of Lighthaven Keep at this time and personally saw to the investigations.

Today, Tordek Nightbringer is in command of the area, acting as both master of Lighthaven Keep, but also governor of the city. Managing to work an agreement between the two factions, the area has become reverted back to a bustling center of trade, without the threat of violence and strife.

Rumor has it that a notorious underworld empire still exists, but crime is controlled enough that there is no overall outstanding tension between the two realms.

The Port and Docks

The port of Lighthaven is sprawling, and is the heart of the city. The height and steep descent of the cliffs make travel and cargo flow difficult without the use of an elaborate network of cranes and pulleys. Large retaining walls have been built out into the ocean to help provide security from both the sea and predators. On any given day, large numbers of ships and crews load and unload cargo onto the docks and into warehouses. The destinations from which the crews and ships hail from also make the port the most eclectic and also hectic portion of the city.

On the eastern most edge of the land, just before the cliffs, is the city's lighthouse. A colossal structure, towering towards the heavens it is used to help navigate friendly ships into the port. During times of war, it acts as a signal beacon, burning with a red flame, warning of incoming enemy ships, or nearby attack.

The Market and Entertainment Sector

The numerous wares of both near and far can be found in the hundreds of shops and stalls that make up this portion of the city. Elven tomes, dwarven stones and weapons, eastern spices and cloths can all be found here. Workshops, businesses, and numerous craftsman's guilds and halls are located near the central plaza, and give Inventor's Square its name.

Mixed in with the many shops, cafés, and stalls are the fine venues of entertainment. From small theaters, playhouses, and baths, to larger casinos, and amphitheaters, the other side of life in Lighthaven is found here.

Festivals and holidays turn the area into a paradise of pleasure, boasting fireworks, feasts, and a massive myriad of entertainment and pleasure.

The Civic District

Because of the diverse people who populate the city, Lighthaven has been a cultural and intellectual center of the mainland. New trends in art, developments in philosophy, science, and math, all originate here. The Governor's Mansion, Palace of Justice, and Hall of the Lorewardens mark the major landmarks here. The Athenaeum and Acadamie add to the high prestige of this sector, as well as the city as a whole. Some of the greatest minds seen, have come from these schools.