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The Palace sits west of Salamander along the Queen's Highway that leads from Salamander Township to the logging camp located in the western forest. The Palace has five levels: a ground floor, which houses the majority of the Clan's amenities; a second floor, which houses the Council's chambers, offices, and meeting hall; a third floor which houses the War room; a basement, which houses the dungeons and war room; and a sub-basement, which holds the storage rooms for the Clan's services.

First Floor

The first floor of the Palace is the only floor most visitors will ever see and is the floor where the majority of members will spend most of their time. Outside the Palace, there is a stable where the Clan's horses are kept, including the private mounts of the High Council. Entrance to the Palace is reached through the Griffon Gates, manned by the Palace Guard. It is at this gate that the Book of Attendees is kept, which records the name of every clan member and visitor to the clan. Walking through the Main Hall will lead to the Great Square, where the Clan Fountain may be seen in all its glory. Directly through the Square lies the Grand Hall (formerly "Clan Commons") and the side hallways lead to the offices for Member Services and the Palace Guard.

The Grand Hall is a great dining hall for the clan's High Council, members, and official guests. At the end of the hall are two stairwells: one leading to the guest rooms and the other leading to the second floor of the Palace.

To either side of the Grand Hall are the offices where Member Services are administered. Down the left hallway are found the Join Gear, Clan Store, and Supply offices. Down the right hallway are found the Rare Store Auction House, as well as the offices for the Palace Guard and the Rank Advancement Fund. Also, each hallway has a well-guarded stairwell leading to the basement and sub-basement.

Second Floor

The second floor is reserved mostly for the clan's Officers and High Council. The hall at the top of the stairwell leads first to the offices reserved for the High Council, one office to each Councillor. Beyond those lie the bedchambers for the Council, as well as the Meeting Hall where the Council sits in session.

Third Floor

The third floor of the palace is a single large, circular room. This room exclusively for the Titan Emergency War Council to meet. The room is lit during the day by an enormous skylight over the circular wooden table.


The Palace's first basement houses its dungeon, which serves as the jail for the clan. The dungeon itself is built very much like a jail, with barred cells designed for a single person each. The cells consist of a single cot and a chamber pot. The dungeon is mostly designed to hold people for a few days as punishment, and is not equipped to hold political prisoners or prisoners of war. These two functions (albeit rare ones) are handled by the North Barracks of the Titan Army. The Palace Guard presides over the palace dungeon.


The sub-basement is heavily guarded by the Palace Guard. Only High Councillors, or those with a writ from a High Councillor, are allowed down here. This lowest level of the palace is where the storage rooms for Member Services and the Clan Treasury are kept. The rooms are not very ornate; they are simply there to keep the Treasury, equipment, and items away from the rest of the clan and would-be robbers. The walls of the Supply stockroom are still scarred from an accident involving dried Flame Scrolls and several barrels of Blast Powder a few years ago.

Even deeper...

It is rumored that below the sub-basement that there are many tunnels and rooms that are far older than the kingdom of Dragon Court itself. Very few know what lurks down here and even fewer are permitted to enter.