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The manner by which the Rogues of Titan are both formed and integrated into the overall military system of Titan is as unique as the members that make up the division. Unlike the other divisions there is no formal training offered for this group. There are however safe houses and training centers located throughout the various cities that are unofficially under Titan's control. The most notable of these are Cartes and Lighthaven (though Lighthaven is under the control of the Order of the Shining Star).

There are rumors of formal guilds in existence, controlling most of the underworld's economy in these cities. The notoriety of these associations and their affiliates are considered some of the best and yet worst kept secrets of their respective cities.

The Titan rogues are not actively recruited, rather those who are willing make themselves known to the Archon, a high ranking rogue. This task itself is not easy, as those who fill these positions do not advertise themselves. A display of skill, subtlety, and ambition must be shown to a satisfactory degree before the applicants taken in. An outsider may also challenge the Archon of Shadows or any of the Archon's immediate personnel.

Once initiated, they are free to continue with their daily lives, and routine as they see fit. When called upon though during missions, of both peace and war time nature, they respond, and perform the tasks at hand. Working in either small groups or alone, they prove effective and trustworthy. Those who meet failure have been known to vanish.

The rogues' choice of weapons as well as armor, if they choose to wear any is again unique to the individual. Tools very from person to person, but a relatively universal set is given to all upon acceptance. This allows for the breaking in and entering of various degrees of locked entrances, disarmament of traps, and other items required for the required tasks presented. Lighthaven is a port town, it is a trade center -- both legal and illicit -- making it an ideal supply depot.

Their specialist nature leaves this section primarily non-combative in the traditional sense. Rarely, if ever, are they placed on a battlefield alongside the regular ranks. Their usage is often for infiltration, espionage, theft.


Assassins are known to exist within larger clans. Titan does not openly affiliate with or admit the employ of assassins, but it is not unheard of for the Titan rogues to hold them in their ranks. Their presence is denied, and only the highest echelons of the rogues and the General of the Unified Armed Forces of Titan would know of their commissioning.


The ranking system for the Rogues incorporates the individual's talents and skills, his reputation, and the length of time that he has been practicing in addition to the level of services he has provided to Titan and loyalty and dedication to previous tasks. The rankings themselves are fluid and can even change from day to day at the Archon's discretion. The structure exists mainly for documentation and dispensation purposes (when applicable).

  • Ro-5 Archon of Shadows
  • Ro-4 Shadowdancer
  • Ro-3 Ghostwalker
  • Ro-2 Nightcrawler
  • Ro-1 Master
  • Ro-0 Shade

Note: Unlike the other branches of the Army, the rogues are not treated as enlisted recruits, nor are they officers. They report solely to the Archon, who reports the General (often in secret). Once chosen for the division, the rogues undergo rigorous training to increase their abilities, talents, and reflexes. Their use in the field is versatile and the Rogues ranked Ghostwalker and higher will usually complete missions solo, with greater difficulty and secrecy than those ranked below. Rogues with the rank Nightcrawler and lower mostly work in small groups with a higher ranked rogue to supervise and coordinate.

Ro-5: Archon of Shadows

The Archon of Shadows, or most often referred to simply as the Archon, is the highest ranking rogue within the Unified Armed Forces of Titan, and reports to none except the General. The name of the holder of this position is not widespread knowledge and is not known outside of Titan's upper military circles.

Any who feels qualified may challenge the Archon for the position. However, only those who are closest to the Archon, and who have served with him or her over years of service both to the military, and personal projects would most likely do so. The reason for this is that rogues, unlike the other divisions, do not command automatic respect and loyalty upon rising in rank, or taking a new position. Rather, to move up in rank, and to gain notoriety, requires personal skill. This is achieved by successfully accomplishing larger and more lucrative tasks, but also in networking one's way up into this hidden and underground society.

The contacts and resources drawn upon by the Archon are obscure and not well known to outsiders of either the Army, as well as most rogues. These resources are purely the achievement of the Archon and are in no way affiliated with Titan directly. These resources and networks may change from Archon to Archon depending on who it is the Archon knows, and what resources he or she is connected to.

The current Archon is Ebon-Ashe who happens also to be the second person to ever hold the title. The first being Lord Guyver.

Ro-4: Shadowdancer

Aptly named after their capacities for working undetected and unseen, these rogues are the highest ranked of the Army. Thieves, spies, and assassins alike hold these ranks.

Those who finally achieve this rank do so after years of service to the Archon, and only through this means. A rogue may have the skill level or even have abilities surpassing those who serve as Shadowdancers. While this is a valuable credential to rising to the rank, only time may bring one to this level, having proven themselves worthy and loyal over the years. This is to provide security to both the Archon and the rogues as a whole for, an immense amount of trust, and privilege come with the position.

Shadowdancers serve the Archon directly, knowing exactly who the current Archon is and how to contact him, the majority of the safe-house locations, and are also connected to the Archon’s personal network.

Upon deciding that an individual may rise to this rank, the rogue in question must cease all activities, and essentially vanish for a length of time at the discretion of the commandery. When these individuals are presumed dead, captured, or that they have moved on, they effectively become a non-entity. Special exceptions are made should the need arise, and means of fooling the public are concocted, such as staged public hangings. The Shadowdancer then assumes a new identity.

Though Shadowdancers may walk freely among society, their true identities are only known to the Archon.

Ro-3: Ghostwalker

Ghostwalkers are the first rank at which rogues work entirely alone. Upon reaching this rank, their skills are finely tuned and perfected until the rogue becomes a world-class weapon of stealth, deception, and secrecy. While some may serve as trainers for lower class rogues, the majority of them are initiated into the proper channels and begin the requirements to turn them into the next Shadowdancers.

Their tasks become more deadly, often taking extended amounts of time to complete. Assassins who reach this level will begin to take on targets are introduced to a greater array of weapons, and some of the most rare poisons available.

A combination of skill and loyalty is required to rise to this rank. Senior Ghostwalkers are given more deadly or difficult tasks, and also the more lucrative ones. A small array of magical items and weapons are also given to these rogues on loan, depending on the nature of their skills, and the missions they are sent on.

Ro-2: Nightcrawler

Nightcrawlers are Masters who have proven themselves to be elite, and ready more difficult tasks. Special acceptations are sometimes made to allow extraordinarily qualified individuals to begin their careers as Nightcrawlers. Those who do are rare, and are also closely watched, knowingly, but also, and more importantly unknowingly at all times.

They work in two to three man groups, mostly with other Nightcrawlers, but also Masters, and on the odd occasion a Shade. Nightcrawlers who have risen through the ranks are not treated preferentially to those who begin at this level. Rather, all Nightcrawlers must spend a lengthy amount of time at this rank in order to gain access to some of the more secretive networks and contacts. This is the first rank at which rogues are also given Titan controlled safe house locations, and on occasion (depending the circumstance), immunity from the law.

Select individuals at this level are given the oppurtunity to learn the arts of death, the way of the assassin. This is reserved for the most senior of Nightcrawlers, the processes being shrouded in secrecy.

Failure leading to exposure of an operation, or capture however, is a very severe infraction. Should the circumstance be grave enough to cause a scandal, certain individuals have been known to disappear.

Like Masters, should a Nightcrawler demonstrate years of loyal service, but also highly promising skill, he or she will be taken in by Ghostwalker. This is a very rare case.

Ro-1: Master

Shades who effectively prove to their superiors that they are capable of changing their mindsets of being "civilians" and are ready for tasks that require more than a simple procuring and retrieval, show that they can adapt themselves to a group’s needs, and also prove trustworthy are moved to the rank of Master.

Here they work in teams of three to four, often times with Nightcrawlers instructing and leading them. Promising individuals may be given a mentor whom which will work carefully and closely with him on tasks that are normally given to Nightcrawlers. While the mentor will not accompany his protégé on all missions, a high degree of personal nurturing is given.

Ro-0: Shade

While Shades are the lowest ranking rogues, their skills are far above the average. To think of them only as petty thieves or pickpockets is a gross and derogative underestimation of them.

Recruited from all over Dragon Court’s mainland (some even as soon as they step off the boats sailing in from the east), they are well known for their skill. Often times rivals of guilds and factions find themselves working together.

A sense of unity, and teamwork is instilled first and foremost into them, as Shades are paired with other Shades, Masters, and sometimes Nightcrawlers. While many are not unused to working in small groups, it is imperative that Shades learn to be agile and flexible by working with new people, on each mission. This way they begin to learn to assess the strengths of weakness of the group and themselves. It is also the means by which they learn new skills, and develop those they already have, so that they may eventually become completely autonomous.