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Ebon-Ashe, with the wound and partial vampiric transformation she received in Rotting Rogue

Ebon-Ashe appreciates being known as a cynical sadist. Her reputation for torture precedes herself. Though, she characteristically only does things when it suits her purpose. If she cannot benefit from a situation, she does not do anything about it but rather lets things work out as they would were she not even there. In the case she can benefit from things, she does take action, whether good or bad; though generally, her best interest involves letting others suffer unnecessarily. Because of her selfish personality, others suffer unnecessarily. Combining her apathy with her affinity for torturing those who do get in the way of her latest pursuit and the rumors of her being a sadist bleed true.

Common Name

  • Ebon-Ashe

Ebon-Ashe has no surname. However, she and the Golden Griffon's bartender have an inside joke: he calls her "Madame Angelicos" or "Mrs. Angelcos" because she's married to Curulan. It began because the bartender thought that this was the most polite way to greet her and Ebon, believing Curulan to be irritated by such a name, allowed him to address her in this manner.

Ebon-Ashe's parents believed in the power of names. As a young girl, she had a fiery spirit that often left ashes in the wake of her temper. They knew she'd need a name that would fuel this fire and protect her from it as well. The name they gave her was Ebon-Ashe. "Ebon" for the black gem obsidian, which is said to bring out one's warrior spirit and "Ashe" to remind her to control her temper. Obsidian is also associated with the following attributes: vigor, strength, stamina, constancy, steadfastness, permanence, tenacity, firmness, durability, courage, and self-control. Taking a certain pride in her name, Ebon-Ashe is pleased that it has become so renowned. Her name is often shortened to "Ebon" or simply "EA".

Full Title and Rank

  • Seneschal (Queen's Court rank)
  • Archon of Shadows (Titan Role Play title)
  • Former General of Hell's Army (Pre-Titan days)
  • The Masked Lady (Pre-Titan days)
  • Mistress of Mayhem (Self-appointed title)
  • Tempestuous Rogue (Forum Title)



Magical Affinity


Military Division/Rank

Rogues/Archon of Shadows


Ebon-Ashe is a master swordsman, having gotten her start in war early in life as a mercenary and later as an officer in Hell's Army. After resigning her post, she transitioned to the life of an assassin disguised as a harlot, learning to hide pain and death through the pleasantries and lust of men. She picked up an affinity for poisons, taking a fancy for arsenic and building up an immunity to the toxin. She is also an experienced thief, adept at sneaking into houses and opening safes and lockboxes.

She has no formal training in magic. Being an elf, she has some inherent and undeveloped ability, but she has no knowledge of how to tap into that power and use it.


Ebon-Ashe is a female of average stature (5'9" or ~167cm). She has a muscular build masked by her slight and lithe appearance. Her figure is very feminine and curves in all the right places. Straight, raven hair hangs down to the middle of her back. It is kept neatly groomed and, during battle, it is tied back with a leather cord or plaited. Her eyes are normally dark brown (nearly black), though when she is infuriated and blood-lusting, they take on a deep red hue. Less than eighty years old, Ebon-Ashe is considered a young adult in elf culture, and resembles a human in her mid-twenties.

Normal attire for Ebon-Ashe consists of a dark, hooded cloak, black or dark brown breeches, black leather boots, and a white chemise beneath a red, navy blue, or black corset. Her breeches are suspended by a sturdy, leather belt which also loops through a few pouches and sword scabbard emblazoned with her sigil, a stylized "E" and "A". Throwing knives are usually hidden beneath the cuffs of a pair of black, leather bracers that lace up the back of her wrists. Her infamous dagger Hell's Fire is always at ready in the sheath at her right side.


Ebon was born to a family of farmers, but ran away at the age of nine to get a job as an errand-runner in the local tavern. Her father came to get her, but she evaded him by hiding in a passing caravan of mercenaries on their way to battle. She was found and spent years in their service, where she learned sword fighting by watching others and practicing on her own.

As she came of age, her fighting skills came in handy when she beat to death one of the semi-elite regulars who was trying to molest her. This event led to the start of her actual training in sword and the "art" of killing. One particular war the mercenaries had hired themselves out to be a part in an army, later to become Hell's Army which she rose through the ranks in.

Hell's Army was the name given to this particular band of mercenaries because of their lack of mercy and manners. They would pillage and loot without regard for families and leave burnt and barren land in their wake. Where the army had traveled was often referred to as the trail of ashes. This evil horde was led by a powerful warrior-mage called Hades.

Ebon-Ashe helped bail Hades out once when eleven of his finest lieutenants and one general conspired to overthrow his position as general, causing confusion between their ranks by spreading false information and lies, weakening the inner structure of the conspiracy. As a reward for her loyal service in Hell's Army, Hades awarded her with a dagger containing the souls of the twelve conspirators and she became general of Hell's Army.

Eventually, EA became tired of the tedium of war and left the ranks of her army. She used her knowledge of death and destruction to become an assassin working mainly out of bordellos or high-class brothels, where men would indulge themselves and drop their guard, allowing for an easy kill and even easier disposal. It is here she met up with the underground society of thieves. When her cover wore thin, she left public eye for a while, and began to learn the art of theft, poisons, and less discrete methods of killing, stealing, and slinking around. She also learned how to cheat at games involving runes and cards without getting caught.

When she resurfaced, Ebon-Ashe was a skilled rogue. However, her greed for plunder landed her on the bad side of a powerful wizard, who cursed her. This curse is the reason for her joining Titan, that being unable to venture far from or harm carnelianfire.

Presently, she serves Titan as the Archon of Shadows. To what extent she serves is unknown, as she still tends to do things more for personal gain rather than the benefit of the clan. However, since she travels frequently to monitor the progress of her schemes (and to keep tabs on her thieves), she is able to hear pertinent information and pass it on to the proper authorities if she feels it necessary.


Ebon-Ashe loves to bite off more than she can chew, which sometimes gets her into a bit of trouble; great profit comes with great risk and she's not afraid of risk. She will never admit, however, when she is wrong and one will have a difficult time convincing her without the use of brute force.

She loves to threaten people, when they get in her way, but has the tendency to lose interest in carrying out the threats. If you manage to anger her, she will often be the victim of her own rage and act carelessly. Her rage and her thrill for battle give her an uncanny lust for blood surpassed only by that of a Berserker or Nosferatu.

Ebon has a strong prejudice against magic users here. This spawns from the curse placed upon her, as well as from her own lack of magical prowess. The only exception to her prejudice is Twist, whom has often used his magic to benefit, rather than punish her.

Properties of Choice

Hell's Fire

Hell's Fire is the silver dagger Ebon-Ashe always carries. She uses it mostly for close encounters, but also prefers this blade when confronting foes because of the personal connection it gives one with their victim. She also loves the clean, sharp edge of this blade.

Description: The dagger's pommel is a solid skull with hollow eyes and a mouth that, from one angle, appears as though it's eating the sword. Two snakes protrude from the skull's mouth and spiral up to form the grip before separating into the blade's guard on either side. The snakes' scales make an excellent grip for the wielder of this blade. The blade emerges from the separation point of the two snakes. It has two cutting edges and forms a surgeon-like point at the end.

Origins: The dagger was forged by Hades himself in the fires of Hell. In it are the former Lieutenants of Hell's Army. Any damage done to the dagger would quite literally unleash Hell. Therefore, the dagger is specially designed to be immune to magic of all natures. While the dagger itself is immune to magic, this property does not fully transfer over to the wielder. Instead, it only makes the effects of magic on the wielder slow to a crawl. The only way to destroy the dagger would be to melt it down. Even then, one would risk the release of twelve very angry and blood lusting demons. The secrets of the origins of the blade held under lock-and-key to prevent unnecessary mishap.

Recently, Hell's Fire has been identified as one of the Daggers of the Nine Hells, though this information is only known to a select few.


Ebon-Ashe has a hellish, black destrier named Argile. His personality is as devilish as hers. Like Ebon, he doesn't enjoy the company of many people and will only allow those he really likes to ride him. He is a brute and temperamental beast, but a trusty steed both on and off the battlefield.

Appearance: Argile is a large horse, standing 24 hands as measured from the withers. As is characteristic of destriers, Argile's hair is short and his build thicker than a Clydesdale. His back is broad and his body is dense and rounded. Argile's hind-quarters are muscular and his legs are long and strong.

Training: The strength and stamina of a destrier was desirable to Ebon-Ashe, which is why she chose this particular kind of horse as her mount. She also liked how destriers have an affinity for battle. Because of their sturdy build, they can carry heavy loads and inflict significant injury to any enemy.

Argile's battle training includes:

  • The ability to respond to verbal commands from his rider.
  • The ability to be guided using a rider's leg pressure in lieu of reins.
  • Conditioning to automatically trample the bodies of fallen enemies.
  • Conditioning to bite and kick on command.

Barding & Trapper: Only rarely does Argile wear full barding. Argile's barding is a black metal with gold filigree. The headpiece has a series of three spikes which decreasing in height along the ridge of the nose, the largest of these is near the forelock. The top chest plate also has a series of three spikes which are uniform in height. The trapper, or ornamented cloth covering, is a deep shade of crimson with the Titan fleur-de-lis and griffon embroidered with gold threads and accented by black embellishments.

Misc. Weapons

Ebon-Ashe also carries several throwing knives, which are stowed up her sleeves. Her long sword, the scabbard engraved with Elven runes and her sigil, seldom parted from her. She also has a pouch containing several darts, a small blow gun, and vials of toxins with which to dip the darts. A regular steel dagger is also concealed in her boot.


In short, Ebon-Ashe hates everyone. Though, there are a few exceptions to this hatred.

Ebon holds a special bond with Twist, a mage who has often used his magic to benefit her. They both enjoy tourmenting others for personal gratification. They both also do things mostly for their own benefit.

Curulan, her husband, is one of the few people who can find ways around her bull-headedness and keep her from disrupting the quiet atmosphere of Titan. This is due in part to his magical prowess and her personal connections with him. He is more powerful than she and she respects that.

Azrael, is probably the only mage Ebon both despises and loves. She despises him because he is one of a handful of magic users in Titan who is both powerful enough to attempt to stop her and who has, on occasion, actually squelched her fun. She respects his power, but at the same time enjoys taunting him in hopes that he will reaffirm his power over her.

Tordek, while a magic user, holds a special place in her small circle of friends. He has always been ready to accept and carry out her schemes-- having been successful a vast majority of the time. Considering the risk involved in her various missions, Tordek is either very lucky or very good at what he does. Ebon-Ashe believes it is the latter.

The rest of Titan, Ebon finds to be annoying. Many Titans have resorted to petty threats or jests, which she files away so that one day, if they are ever in a spot of trouble, she will not intervene but engage in furthering their misery. Patience isn't one of Ebon's virtues, but she finds that just vengeance can aid her with the long wait before such vengeance is brutally extracted.