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The Stonemason's Guild, most often shortened simply to the "Masons" in speech refers to one of Titan's largest and also strongest worker's unions. The guild originated in the mining town of Lexingrad. Over the years, as the town grew, so did the guild. Many of the town's officials were guilded masons for the reason that it was in the economic interests of the town. This is still the case today even.

The guild has grown to be one of Titan's largest for two main reasons. A high emphasis has been placed on development of the nation and Titan's lands. New structures, fortresses, and monuments are commissioned each year, by both Titan and the Order of the Shining Star. Although the guild is affiliated primarily with the Order and Titan, some citizens from ally nations have been initiated as honorary members. The second reason, and perhaps the most profound is that the guild was an early example of Titan's democratic system of government. Like the High Council, the guild is ruled by a single Guildmaster, a master artisan who is often the oldest of the group and most experienced, followed by a small council of long time members of both the guild and also the trade. From the guild's beginnings in Lexingrad, a tradition of free speech and open discussion arose, not only in regards to the guild's commissioned work and development, but also the town's law and government. This early form of government led to Order of the Shining Star's annexation of the town upon the request of the townspeople.

Over the years, the guild has gained much support, funding, and respect for their resolutions and integrity towards not only their members and the craft, but also Titan and the Order as a whole. Within Titan's capital city, Cartes, the guild hall takes an illustrious position as the center of the Merchant District. Chapters of the guild exist not only in Lexingrad and Cartes, but also Lighthaven, and Nightstar (though Nightstar had already developed its own guild independently of the Masons, they have since merged into a unified guild).

Founding and Early History


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