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A glimpse into the interior of the Academy. Students prepare for exams in the Great Library.
Founded to advance magic, the school has trained some of the greatest pupils in the Dragon Court and also provided major contributions to the realm of metamagic.


Although mages have been around as long as Dragon Court has been in existence, Titan did not adopt a uniform means of training the magically adept until 309 QY, the year in which the Academy was commissioned. Though powerful and equally famous mages and wizards had for years held positions of power in Titan, including Parlik, the former Master of Azure Mountain, Twist Rolarian, and even Azrael Nightstar who previously led Titan in several terms, magic was mostly self taught or those interested sought out apprenticeships. Indeed, Twist Rolarian taught any who sought him out in his so called Tower of Sorcery. The Azure Solstice at that time, the only real collection of mages in Titan who worked towards the advancement of magic. They however died out, leaving their secrets buried deep within Azure Mountain.

With a prospering nation though, and growing coffers, it was decided that the teaching of magic was an essential necessity for a nation such as Titan. The Academy was commissioned and built by the High Council’s order. The school would be a Titan funded entity, where applicants who were admitted would attend school and be trained, by the state. They would in turn promise to serve during times of battle for a set number of years, or otherwise return as faculty members themselves.

The Stonemasons' Guild performed the work, though many of the blocks were enchanted prior to the construction in an effort to seal the massive amounts of mana which would potentially come to dwell within these halls. Protective wards were later installed after completion, along with other various barriers to prevent accidents.

In the beginning, only lecture halls, libraries, and the necessary facilities for teaching were created. Students who came from more distant provinces were housed on the school grounds. Research facilities were later added, but some 60 years after the creation of the school. The Unified Armed Forces of Titan by this time had even created its own division within the Mages for research and development, which Twist Rolarian held. The faculty and staff felt that there was a strong need for research in the field of metamagic aside from its potential military applications. New wings were then built, creating laboratories for alchemy and magic, as well as gardens. The students’ training grounds were even rebuilt.

Today, the Academy has become an esteemed place of learning and development, having produced noteworthy graduates, and profound advancements in magic through their relentless research.


The school is run by the Dean of the Academy. It is him (or her) who concludes the final matters on issues of policy. The Dean is not alone in the decision making processes. The Conclave serves as the Dean's cabinet, a group of seven individuals who are picked by the Dean and who hold their positions as consiglieres for life, or until they choose to retire. Sessions are usually called at the beginning of every fourth year, when the curriculum is rewritten to reflect advances in research and knowledge. The Dean appoints new members to the researching staff or faculty, which then must be approved by the members of the Conclave. The Conclave on the other hand approves applicants into the academy, though the Dean has the power to expel. The actual day to day administrative work is performed by the Dean alone.

Faculty and staff chosen to become members of the Conclave almost always come from the senior echelons of the school. Upon accepting an appointment, they thereby earn the title of Master. Seniority earns the faculty and staff the right to choose which classes they wish to teach, and also lead research projects as the head of a laboratory.

Research is usually conducted by staff members, though each year students (mostly in their final years) join. Projects include the heightening of spells and their duration and effects, new manners by which to cast them, the creation of new spells and applications of magic, and also item creation.

Accepted applicants to the school undergo rigorous training. They begin with a broad introduction to magic, learning the basics of mana manipulation and spell casting. As they advance further, they progress into spell weaving, advanced mana manipulation, including borrowing and lending from the various threads, and also the beginnings of the manipulation of metamagic itself. After each year, exams are given, and each year the class shrinks. In the students' fifth year, they are given the option of specializing in a particular domain of magic. Upon finishing their studies, students become members of the Brotherhood of Mages, though whether they give their aid to Titan during times of war is up to the individual.


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